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  1. I got this same Bug, but whit a little different. When you try to build a plane without any available free hangar, the game is not crashed but can't step back from this page. Usually, when you build a plane, you have to choose which hangar you build it, but whitout it, you can't step back from this page. We could use here a "BACK" button, or something....
  2. Now this one is not a serious bug, but the game has it a really long time. When i make an autopsy on the Wraith alien it is the same text as the Sebilians, however the picture are different.
  3. Now this is a serious bug to me. When i found the first Alien base on the strategic map, the whole game just crash! I made a save before this happened and try some metods: discover it by my planes or simply wait for the end of the month when they automaticly find it, but the result was always the same. As soon as it marked on the map, the whole game just stuck for a moment and the game just quit.
  4. Atish

    [V7.2 Strategic] Missing Soldiers

    I also had the same mistake. I have a squad in the dropship about 10 person, but i also recruit 5-6 people for ground missions (alien infiltration or getting money or scientist / engineer). After a couple of they when they arrive they simpli disapear from the list! This happened quiet often! Also those who are in the dropship, stays, but sometimes i can't send them to these missions too! Thats why i had to recruit more people on that month, which ones also disappear after some days.