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  1. Yes, we can, but first my game CTD too when i researhed it. I simply reload a save a couple times and quickly pressed the close button so the game went on... This is how i could make the Scatter laser for the airplanes. In an other game this crash didn't came up, so i don't know how should i make it again...
  2. Yes, as for terror mission: Civs are just too close to the aliens, also they just wandering around, didn't go anywhere so the aliens, got them because they too are scatered on the map. What if after the Xenonauts landing civs try to reach the helicopter. If one civ could reach the helicopter it could be much easier to secure the arial and the civ too. Secound my lost items: Later of the game i wanted to build a new laser HMG of the lost one and suddenly apeared two on stock! So i got back the lost one too, but first i had to build another one. Although, if a solder survive the terror mission with the civs died, the solder should have there equipment too.
  3. i got the same, i put on a topic about this just below.
  4. I think i can if all the upgrade are on the planes and all the upgraded missles are fired to the ufo. Although you still losing 1 plane.
  5. Simply, i lost the terror mission (which ones has Reapers as enemies) in just 3 turns. I don't think so that they should be hard as like this.
  6. when i finish the advanced laser upgrade at the workshop, i can't make any previous laser weapons, only the advanced form what i already made before that. Yet, i don't have the oportunitiy to make advanced laser rifle or pistol, even shotgun. Also i can't make any basic ones..
  7. i made a save for this. I got 2 alien base in this, but the iceland one is the one what we are talking about. user-15.json
  8. This is happened before with me. When i lost a terrror mission, which used to happen every time when there are some Reapers there, the mission ended and all the surviving solders which has engeneered items, like laser weapons and warden armor are forever lost for the squad. When the skyhawk arrive at the base i couldn't equip them again, i have to engineer again them.
  9. Strange, on my gameplay it worked just fine. However, i even made the creamite research and made the upgrade at engeneer, but it didn't show up. Heavy armor works fine on me.
  10. i made it later of the game and it is worked now, didn't know what was the problem before.
  11. I made this a number of times, if i made this item, the game will crash.
  12. Yes it is very hard i got this base on the first month of the campaign. I don't know this is for purposses that i have to go back later with upgradet weapon and armor. However, there is a bug: If you abandon your mission, later when you click on the enemy base the game jsut crash. This could be avoided if you send out the skyhawk and change its destanition to the base. Do not click on the enemy base, or the game will crash.
  13. Atish

    [V13.0] Aeriel Terror site

    Thank you! That makes some sense!
  14. Atish

    [V13.0] Aeriel Terror site

    Soo, i can counter them with uplinks? I thought i have to send there my fighters to shoot it down.
  15. Right after the first battle i found an "ariel terror site" never found one before, could be a new thing. The problem is ,is to far away, and i have only 6 hours to arrive there. After the time is up, the game crashes.