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  1. Maybe i just too forward in the game and you doesn't really have plans of the secound dropships, but i found that Pegasus (2nd dropship) and Valkyre (3rd dropship) are the same. Also Pegasus is a little too OP with its 16 people after 8 so i think Valkyre was meant to be the 3rd dropship and there should be another secound one.
  2. Not really a major bug, but should be corrected sooner or later, that there shouldn't be any obsticle inside the UFO what is not meant to be. I always found some of these grain piles there but this picture shows that there is always too much in the way of them.
  3. I can go trough the abductor ufo walls. Sending you the save file. user_i_can_go_trough_the_walls_of_the_abductor-8.json
  4. This is my first terror mission of the campaign and i found it really hard. I lost the battle on the 3rd turn as all the civ-s are died. I don't know if this should happen or i was just simply unlucky. All in all, my soldiers survived, but they left there equipment at the battle! So i had to engineer them again. I don't think so that this should happen here, please check it. Addig the save game. user_terror_mission-7.json
  5. I could avoid this bug, by relocate my plane before i build the new one. So i can only build the plane to the main base, where workshop located, makes sense
  6. Game crashes when i try to build the basic fighter. I built it at the start of the game, but later i got some upgrades and made a new base. Somehow, i can't build a new x-25 angel for the new base. When i try it, the game crashes. I not tried to build other planes, yet.. Sending you the save file, i reproduce this bug a couple of times. user_x25_angel-6.json
  7. I talking about these closed windows. I see, there were some changes here, previous versions you can see here trough and also walk trough now you can only walk trough. Not a major bug, though, just a reminder.
  8. I found a bug, which is quite frustrating but i hope you can repair it easily. When i building a facility in the base, i put down the room, the game deduct the price of that facility. After the some time, the room has been built, the game informs me - and deduct the price of the room AGAIN! You wont see this, if you have ZERO money, as you can not go to mínus. Im pretty sure that you can recreate this bug, if not i can send you the save game of mine.
  9. Ares-1 not showing up at the soldier tab even i produce it. Although it showing up at the inventory, so i can at least sell it, but not use it. Addig the save file, you can check it. user_titi-14.json
  10. The same thing happen when i try to upgrade to gauss cannons.
  11. When i complete the upgrade of scatter laser the game crash. Sending you the save file, just before completing the upgrade. Strange, because i can complete this uprgade in the previous version V14 output.log auto_groundcombat_turn_3_end-226.json
  12. After the first turn, at alien turn, i hear that a cyberdisc kill a civil and after the game CTD. I repeate it a couple of times, probably, if i reload the whole terror mission this problem could be avoided. Sending you the save file and the log. Just hit the enter, to skip the turn and you will see what i talking about. user_terror_attack-9.json output.log
  13. I found a bug whit hevy launcher. If you make the following shot and the grenade hit somthing the game just CTD. Made it 3 times in a row. output.log user_hevy_launcher-2.json
  14. Because of the new enviroment there are some places which ones can't be reached by soldiers. Soldiers can go through them, but can't finish there movement there as i can't click on these grounds. If you move the mouse over it, it won't show the pattern. Check my save and pic what i sending. Try to move the selected soldier into the red square. user_cant_move_my_soldier_some_places-1.json output.log
  15. i like this method, somewhat similar than Firaxis X-com SquadSight. However, there should be an aim penalty for the shooting soldier as he did't realy see the target only know where it should be. I think