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  1. I wish the pool of soldier recruits was bigger or more customizable. I tend to hand select the assortment of soldiers and often many of my lists are 80% female.
  2. Yeah, total crap. I messaged Xsolla and they said to contact game support (I was using game support). sigh
  3. redcoat22

    Xsolla to Steam/GOG Migration?

    Still no update from Xsolla or Goldhawk. This is very annoying. I placed a trouble ticket and used the messenger... Nothing.
  4. redcoat22

    Xsolla to Steam/GOG Migration?

    So I also got this email which told me to "CLICK ON THE CLICK TO CHOOSE" I do NOT want a COG key but have now been tricked into this. How do I fix this? This was completely misleading and it needs to be fixed. " thanks for purchasing Xenonauts-2 via Xsolla. As Xenonauts-2 will shortly be launching into Early Access, we will be issuing all Xsolla customers with a Steam or GOG key. Please could you follow the link to indicate your preference for a Steam key or a GOG key?"