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  1. I have to note that while i haven't played too much on the 9.3 version of the game, it left me with the idea that it was way too hard to arm my soldiers with laser weapons, lot of research and resources for a laser rifle. Maybe the original UFO game mechanism would work? laser weapons were generally upgraded human technology inspired by alien technology (some research) and just expensive rifles to engineer yourself, no alien resources required, plasma weapons were directly drawn from alien technology and thus elerium or another alien resource is required to make them? Thank you for the great game, keep on the hard work.
  2. Same thing here too, i have encountered the problem twice, the two extra soldiers end up 'embedded' within the helicopter.
  3. I can confirm that there is such a bug, it happened to my group in quite a funny way. My soldiers detected the UFO and came all 8 surviving members of the team near the door, so the plan goes as such: break into the UFO, throw grenades inside, wait for the aliens to blow up, do hi-5 to each other over the dismembered extraterrestrials. The team do brake it, throw grenades all over, none explodes, plan didn't work. By the way: In a certain rotation of the camera, the BLOCK (red text) falls directly on the TU cost and Percentage of hit, you should fix that, graphically and UI speaking, its a small-kind of-bug. I was also excited to see that the original top down base returned. Wonderful game, keep going!