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  1. I left my Dropship and destroyed the Enemy Drone. The Explosion is than Pink as you can see on Picture user_pink001-8.json
  2. My soldier is half sunk in the ship, also the door is not correctly open. user_5-5.json
  3. Just a Cosmetic bug. But if you go inside the downed UFO you see the Grass inside user_3-3.json
  4. Hafter i Build 3 new Living Quarters, i want remove 1 old one. If i do this, i hear the Sound of demolishion but the Game stucks in the screen i atached. I can move the Window but i cant klick anywhere or get out. I attached a savegame with this problem, please try to delete the marked quarters. user_1-1.json
  5. Most times when i downed a Cruiser and send my Combat Team, the Battle was one after my Team arrives. This time not and it starts a Battle. But i cannot use the elevators and also my MARS Unit is invisible.... Savegame attached. user_4-5.json
  6. LtColFox

    Xenonauts-2 August Update!

    Me too please
  7. I killed some Sebillians but after i used Smoke-Grenade the game hung and did not Continue. In The Background you can lightly see the "Hidden Movement Picture" and the Sebillian whre i marked seems to try to fire but cannot...