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  1. Id like to see the changing of each separate turn (Aliens Turn and Friendlies Turn) to just say AI Turn. Too much can be gleaned from separate turns in terms of duration of the turn (how many might be alive), sounds and shots etc. Just make it AI for both to increase the fog of war.
  2. Thanks Chris. Good luck on sorting this out at some point. I would like that fog of war as thick as possible. :]
  3. I'm 51 yo and and been around awhile. Played the original XCOM when it came out like many of you. Been around XCOM and this game too. Ive read the above. In short, as a supporter and fan, here is what Id like to see one day... Multiple bases: Each base with their own soldiers and staff, vehicles, and supply. Some bases might be outposts or later developed by the player into larger bases. I think having one soldier pool that somehow warps to remote bases under attack or one drop ship limit is not good at all IMHO. Id like to see bases be constructed with defenses in mind that the player can build such as sealing or strong doors, turrets, AA etc. Thats just me. That is what will set this game apart from just a graphics redo. Needs to add a lot and be something more.