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  1. You are missing the point, lethality is to high even with latest armor. Meaning one shot one kill, thats the issue.
  2. Huh? I thought the medbay was there to cut down on soldier healing times? As is, you dont need either medbay or armor. Those are resources best spent elsewhere. Pointless to have a soldier survive 10-15 battles and get better only to be instakilled the moment an alien shoots at him the 30% does explain a funny bug i found in which i accidentaly sent the chopper with one soldier, after touch down when turn ended he died bc yeah. I was amazed to see that he survived and somehow returned to base too in the after battle screen oO
  3. This game should had come out 10 years back. Sure it has some good qualities here and there but they are too few to make up for the qol stuff that should be there but isnt.(like right click to add remove soldier items). The fact that aliens have high amount of reaction fire and high accuracy (they never miss almost) the repetitive aliens(grey-tall grey-bit stronger grey-super saya grey) the fact that your weapons do absolutely nothing making research pointless the fact that ufo turrets one shot you(and if its not with the first shot dont worry, it will autofire until it runs out of tus) the fact that most aliens have aoe damage make this a bad game. A really bad game which is sad as it is obvious that these ppl put their hearts into it. But they put their hearts so much into it that they forgot what makes these games great. Its the feeling you get starting as a useless team, that becomes op through research and then you can fight aliens on the same field. In this game when you do find a new weapon(and its rare) it becomes obsolete almost immediately. In tftd you had lobstermen which were terrifying but when you got a thermic lance they were no different than aquatoids. This among others is the appeal of these games. I suggest to the ufo2 devs to play the original xcom and its mods. Some of them take a great game and make it greater. And hire more people. As a side note, muting people on the steam forums because they said the game was bad is a nono. Unless they are north koreans or soviet era stalinists these things are pointless on the internet. Its one of the reasons i refunded the game. I am sensitive to censorship
  4. Some are naked, others are normal, and others are in leather jackets. Is it possible to add something to differentiate between aliens that you must capture and aliens that are ok to be killed? xcom had added different capes to floaters, different color headbands to sectoids etc. Unless they dont contribute in research in which case disregard this post
  5. This feature is good, all soldiers can and should reach peek performance. But please dont add that failed feature of xcom where soldiers with 80 and 90% percent accuracy miss 3 times in a row. I would rather see a 60%, which still is unrealistic by military standards unless you are a rookie, that succeeds 6 out of 10 times instead of a 90% that misses most of the time. Xcom devs where to lazy to fix that instead opting for the failed its xcom baby crap. As far as weight penalties you could tie those with strength, when a a soldier reaches 50-60-70 strength these penalties should be non existent.
  6. I think Chris and team should implement that xcom thingy when soldiers had 2-3 turns before dying of critical wounds. As is soldier lethality is too high even with "good" armor.
  7. There is no "friendly fire" when you are in the army. Op talks about reaction fires that end killing your soldiers instead of the aliens. In military conditions this cannot happen. It is also quite funny how reaction fires end hitting up your soldiers regurarly but not the aliens. Op do keep in mind game is in development. I am sure this too will get fixed down the line
  8. Firaxis just tried some new ideas with chimera. It was a spinoff, next game will probably be underwater
  9. One of the xcom mods did that. Capture a medic, get 5% bonus heal and then 1% until max 20 or something like that. Capture engineer get 5% armor for crafts etc. This is a good idea and mechanic to get implemented-copied
  10. I played the original xcom game since back in the day. One of the problems that game had and xcom games in general are the numerous ufos that come and go. After a while it gets boring having to do a tactical mission especially if the ufo is big. The reasons are too many ufos, way to many, the other is that aliens are hiding which is infuriating especially if you spend 30 rounds trying to find the last one. How will xenonauts deal with it? The ufo2 game that came out now used your money and every ufo you downed and cleared gave you 200k. Still this is not a solution bc you have to do the tactical mission and it ends up being a chore instead of fun Some ideas to help break this cycle are a.send a team to clear the mission and get 50k eg. Or do it manually and get more? b. Add various missions that have some backstory to break the monotony? Eg raid a secret lab, save someone, something with story(openxcom tried to do something like that in one of its mods) c. Less ufos but with added challenge? Do 1 mission per month but a hard one? Just thinking out loud here but yeah, i usually end up not bothering with ufos at all at some point, just shoot them down and press the time to fast forward. Any ideas on that?
  11. Its only 4 5 people working on the game.By the time they have the game ready the graphics will be outdated :/ and i dont play these games for the graphics but the young people do
  12. Seeing these videos i m kinda confused as to how air combat works.I dont say its bad or good because i havent played the game yet,but i want to ask why not just copy either original xcoms air combat? If you want to improve air combat in some way or change it or whatever,maybe add pilots who have experience,eg an exerienced pilot with a less advanced aircraft can down a slightly better ufo In the original xcoms you could put the latest weapons on the original interceptors but with one two hits down went the interceptor,even with the best ones you had a tough time downing those battleships that said the game looks great,if air combat is the only problem then Chris and team did an awesome job
  13. Hello,i would like to post some thoughts critics on this mod. First of all great work on this mod,It did add some great things and also had some very bad things.All in all though great work,really enjoyed it Some of the ideas in this mod should find their way in xenonauts 2 definitely.Some pros first 1.when you capture a medic you get better medpacks each time which is a great thing to have.In the original xcom each medic gave you information about other aliens even if you didnt capture-stun them before. 2.The new research tree is awesome,you have so many stuff to research and it feels good,you actually have something to do.In the original xcom after a while you finished all research and had to sack all scientists 3.Numerous ufos,Always a good thing to see different craft attacking you,thats a huge plus 4.Mechs in the game where awesome and interesting 5.the addition of aliens eggs and whatnot was a great addition,as was the acid splash when they die,great work there The cons 1.many research items had blank slates,dont know if its being fixed or my game was botched,also research dosent have to be weapons all the time,its a ufo game,we got plenty of conspiracies,lore,stories etc to add to the research tree,and each research could give a small benefit,eg +1 to morale +1 to dmg against x alien etc,so even if you dont get a new weapon you get something new 2.The idea of using different gear for different aliens is nice but after a while you should reach a point where you should stay at one weapon.Grenades and tnt for everything else.The idea was good but it was badly implemented.Endgame should be something like waepon a for robots,weapon b for flesh aliens,weapon c chemical weapon for aliens which could do a bit more dmg since its a bio weapon. 3.a con that the first game also had was the small variety of aliens.having a caesan eg and then a caesan with a hat is not variety.Game needs more aliens,because late game was either caesans or robots. 4.sometimes you see those robot buckets and you dont see them as enemies,instead you have to shoot them first for the dogs to come out and then attack 5.my biggest beef with the mod was air combat,no matter what composition i had it was always 0% to autoresolve battle,even with the best weapons and craft.Unless it was specifically intended this way to do all air combat manually. 6.The dissasmbly of each craft-alien-weapon etc,dosent add anything gameplay wise.In the original xcom it was done automatically,shoot down craft,win,get what you need and is still intact because the harder weapons you used against ufos the less chance of getting items if it was a small ufo,if it was big you got some. I think this post got big so ill stop here.Great mod again and kudos to all 5 6 guys that made it
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