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  1. demmit.. this means i'll have to resort to naming one of my guys "fido" & having him crouch-walk everywhere on all fours... it's fundamentally wrong, that i'll be sending top-notch human grade meat into a situation some kinda drone, dog or ROBOdog(tm) ought to be assessing first... but I suppose i'll be doing it then
  2. hey, nice to see such prompt responses here got this glitch also, mouse moves but wont click on geoscape. about to restart pc & try again. using a hp6730b laptop w/ the boosted GMA4500 drivers on windows 10 the F2,F3 [etc] buttons still worked, and oddly enough once I was inside the actual base screen I could click things again but out on the geoscape there was no sausage for little Homer.. let that somehow be a lesson to all you rapscallions out there!
  3. yeah i'm just gonna jeer from the crowd on some of that ['coz it's similar to some of what I was sayin' back there anyways & uhh..] if you're going to be developing 3D models for all those planes & etc then surely ya can work on that k9 unit some of us have been pestering you about too, eh? :bananamandance.gif:
  4. unit


    good. others want to see dogs in the game too. good ideas with the suppression effects & dog as item-slot thing. Baldur's gate came to mind there [Minsc & Boo] I made a suggestion about an alien dog pet/companion thing before I saw this post. it doesn't even have to be a dog, it could be a llama? for that matter, why does my team have to comprise of all gun wielding maniacs in the first place? why can't I recruit a bunch of jaded nuns? or an angry postal worker? or paris bloody Hilton with her handbag attack dog? but seriously tho' there should already be way more implementation for other than direct assault all the time.. where's all the stealth stuff, telemetry gear and chewy chewy cocoa beans? varied units [non human] are integral to these kinds of games, imo. and who doesn't want to go on a mission with some 6 foot tall blond fella in his pink jackal armor who insists you address him as 'Tiffany'
  5. xenonauts 1 air combat is pretty good, just requires a lot of manual input.. I noticed there's like this little ball coordinate thing [node] vectored out just in front of an enemy UFO, I would add in maybe 3 more of those (two on each side and one behind the target) and have settings for my craft like attack from front/side/behind [which is what we manually do anyway, innit?] and also incorporate some options like tactics used during the attacks, so I would set my frontal assault craft to target the frontal node and have it on a tactic like full evasion, then I could set my other craft to target probably the rear node with a full attack tactic, y'know what I mean? you could also add things like hit & run as a tactic [that's what we manually do anyway]
  6. i'd like to be able to take NPC &/or other allied units on missions, and have them function under AI. the AI seems to play this game better than I can in a game such as the OP was describing, you could find yourself solo out on a mission with a bunch of allied NPC's all under AI control and that sounds pretty good to me.. ..and the idea when [if] I get back to base I got no idea what's coming next. right on!
  7. I liked some of these ideas. crawling (prone?) should already be in the game. ditto being able to climb ladders, railings, etc.. I mentioned an 'assist' feature in another topic here (one of the official xenonauts 2 topics somewhere else around these parts) and that multi-targeting overwatch thing could probably be incorporated into that somehow.. possibly even through skills or abilities if the new x2 game is going to be making use of them?
  8. i'd like to see species-specific melee weapons. the thing would still be usable against any enemy, but is specifically designed to be used against a certain enemy type so it gives a % bonus to attacking & dodging against that particular enemy kinda thing... ..then I could make my Xeno-Hunter guy, and stuff his backpack full of these species specific melee weapons >:)
  9. unit

    Tactics and stuff

    in some games they just temporarily [for that action?] disable the adjacent terrain cover for the unit who's firing behind it [Warhammer games?] something like that seems to have been done in Xcom:EW [and I think even Xcom:Apoc, ..to an extent?] where units could kinda peek out from behind cover, shoot, then peek back in again.. this seems to be using the occluded cover piece method but also adding in the little peek in/out animations to make it all look smooth & consistent? ..last night I was doing my first mission in xenonauts 1 and there were what seemed to be 3 bales of hay just outside of the alien craft's doors but my guys couldn't really make use of this cover? I had to manually do all the actions, and that would draw reaction fire.. it kinda made the cover redundant? still, i'm new to xenonauts and not 100% sure of how these thins are working. great game, btw..
  10. unit

    underwater missions

    yeah I remember that, but seem to recall only going there once to mess up the alien's base? I was thinking something along the lines of old D&D spelljamming, where there's lots of diverse & obscure places to have fun [and die] in. might even be able to pick up rare drops & stuff there, that kinda thing..
  11. could you give an indication of what kinda system specs are needed to run the new game? using the intel GMA4500 here, it runs the first game no worries.. you were asking about features? (don't get us started) eh, I've always wanted more weapon variety in my squad games, like, one o' them guns that shoots out a net [granted, yer average alien's probably gonna tear that up like toilet paper but a basic model should at least incapacitate one for a turn at least- long enough for someone to run up and stun 'em.. better versions might even get researched later?] ^about here I start thinking of the suppression system you guys implemented for xenonauts 1, that's a really cool feature.. becoming entangled could also give rise to a similar "assist" option where any nearby allied unit could assist the victim [in this case, un-entanglement] but more assist options could also be implemented in a similar way? ...a guy behind your rocket launcher guy assisting him to reload? -and a better melee system, with possible dodging & blocking etc ^seeing things like katana's developed for the Divison mod is nice. expand on it. same with basic weapons and implements that offer similar functionality, like bola's (y'know, it's like 2 weighted balls connected by a cord, ya swing 'em around and lob 'em at some hapless schmuck to entangle 'em for a while?) ^neutrals at mission sites could even be using these? ..it all depends on how much extra work people are prepared to do on the game? ^they're stupid and redundant ideas in the scheme of things, but all things considered, any of us would stoop to using a rock as a weapon if the need arose. so you'd also find armed combatants out in the field even if they were poorly armed. I liked the mod that introduced better armed militias etc but wasn't able to download it. I've always wanted something like an alien exchange program in an Xcom game, assuming there were any neutral or friendly aliens out there? [that's just something like having an alien on your team for a while.. if all goes well and they don't get wasted on a mission, more exhanges or benefits could come from it?] ^conditions could easily be developed for this- take zylax24 out on a mission and have him stun an enemy to fulfil the requirements of the exchange program, stuff like that.. uhh, yep. ditto an alien pet dog thing that somehow took a shine to a member of the team, and is now something like the official mascot of that particular crew [and goes with that guy on missions, etc.. maybe he could even start to train it. stay. fetch. kill. that kinda thing...] ^who doesn't want a pet alien thing, right? and 'outside' [civilian life] events, if that were possible.. they don't even need to be consistent, maybe someone goes to visit their family or is on leave & unable to be used for a mission, stuff like that? base defence installments, if they don't exist already [not the missiles that defend against the UFO attacks, i'm talking about bloody gun installments & yadda yadda actually -inside- the base, that will fire on enemy units that are -in- the base... I think Xcom:Apoc used something like that?] (there's no reason why a game has to stay difficult to be enjoyable)
  12. still running a GMA4500 integrated graphics card here, probably wont be able to play xenonauts 2 until 2038 [fwiw, any fellow luddites out there- xenonauts 1 runs great with that particular chipset] throw some tomato seeds in the ground and see which happens first- your tomatos or xenonauts 2
  13. something like that MELD system from that Xcom game, where you could dump it into implants or mechs for the agents.. idk what the problem is with cybernetically-outfitted peeps & substance abuse?? -it turned out great in Robocop 2 ..haven't really seen or read much on features for xenonauts 2 aside from the blurb at the website, are they going to include anything like that? (meld) or skills & abilities for agents? i'd like to see tonnes of them, and even obscure ones such as an agent whose skill might be knitting- and he knits socks inbetween missions and sells them for extra cash (none of that actually happens tho', the skill would just add something like +500 cash every now and then) ..now then, would anyone like a novelty xenonauts coffee mug? guaranteed to be at least 3% tentaculat DNA in every 3rd mug that ships! disclaimer: management does not take responsibility fo anyr pets, children, visitors et al that may be assimilated. product will cause cance & birth defects. limit 1 per enclave.
  14. unit

    underwater missions

    sounds good to me. I never bothered with tftd because all those crab guys would run and hide in a ship & annoying stuff like that, but it never dampened (heh) my enthusiasm for the allure of the unknown (as you've mentioned above) ..I suppose there's a bit of coding required there? different physics under the water & restricted weapon use there & possibly other required gear (diving gear, etc) i'd also like to genetically engineer some of my crew to withstand the pressure there & probably even give 'em gills somehow (no longer requiring the scuba gear etc?) [maybe they'd then be restricted to staying in an underwater base or something like that?] I start thinking, "but why stop there..." ..and envisioning something like a stargate teleporting system, where my agents could travel to lots of varied other environments [possibly randomly generated?] & have them start messing things up in their own homeworlds…. it's ok to dream, I suppose... thanks for posting, cheers from down under
  15. unit

    Question about the mod order

    great game & enjoying the various mods on offer.. ..is there some reason why the mod list reorders itself every time I start up the game though? -do I have to then reorder it every time I go to load up an old game or something? [EDIT] meh. the game just says to me something like "the mods are not in the required order yadda yadda would you like to auto-sort them?" so I just select YES & let it do it's thing.