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  1. Ok guys. I installed demo version and comparised behavior with new build. 1. Fire is the same. I apologize about it. But I just don't like current effect (it's my personal problem) 2. First problem is that walls and other stuff damage behavior is broken. Walls just disappear without breaking stadies. 3. After staff is destroyed there are purple artefacts on the screen where destroyed object was previously. It reproduces with walls, mars machine. 4. Alliens became very accurate. 99% shots goes to target. Maybe it's not a problem. That;s all for now.
  2. Guys. You are totally right. I'll find demo and check changes which I said about with screenshots. Sorry to disturb you if I'm wrong. Thank you for so fast reaction.
  3. Guys, why fire is so awfull? Why alien animation became so "broken"? Explosions are remade and broken? I played demo and played after buying the game. It called absolutly another strong fillings. And what is happening now? I really hope this are temporrary changes.
  4. I am a great fan of the game. Still playing first version and waiting for second one near half of year. Please please please. How to get beta build. I'm ready to buy acccess.