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    Warrior and Centauro Mod

    Hey admin/mod. Is there a way to transfer the post to completed game mods? There are no planned updates or mod balancing to follow.
  2. khadafiismydogge

    Anyone interested in a Military green mod?

    Hey can you upload your mod? I'm interested in this. Would be appropriate for a WW2 xenonauts mod. Can you also do a yellow (desert type) camo? And an aquatic camo? Can you also do the camo the ai soldiers use?
  3. khadafiismydogge

    ShamefulAnon's Attractive Female Armor Replacement Mod

    Link is down. Can someone re-upload? Thanks.
  4. khadafiismydogge

    Warrior and Centauro Mod

    Hello there, I just want to share with you vehicle lovers out there a mod I've been playing for a while. It's a vehicle mod containing the Warrior IFV and a Centauro Wheeled Tank Destroyer. This was balanced with the Armoured Assault mod. Link to file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/up6r64d796000kk/Warrior_and_Centauro.zip/file