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  1. Emperor of the Fading Suns is a 20 year old turn based strategy game taking place in a futuristic galaxy ruled by feudal houses. Players manage fleets of spaceships along with units and cities on the surface of various planets battling or wheeling/dealing to gain control of the throne of the emperor, in the mean time producing the income and resources to maintain his forces. 5 players are needed for a session of Play-By-EMail game which will probably span a year or so, assuming a turn cycle per week can be achieved. And needless to say, it requires dedication, continuity, honesty from every player to deliberately refrain from taking actions that trick the AI or the ancient game engine. If you're interested, reply to this thread, or post here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/emperorfadingsuns/discussions More info and download links about the game can be found in the discussion threads in the link as well.