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  1. It was probably ricochet.
  2. 2: Is a known bug and I'm having the same problem as 1, here's a screen:
  3. Does anyone have a suggestion for how the hand-held Alenium batteries and how they transfer the energy released to useable energy (like electricity)? It seems that Chris hasn't thought of it. Edit: What about a highly efficient thermopile?
  4. Is your pre-order counted because I don't want to pre-order twice. Also on the non-essential features you should add them after the release as patches.
  5. I reckon it would be nice to have but I would say that it should definitely take a back seat to a lot of other things. It's more polish than making the game good. But who doesn't like a bit of polish? (This is a rhetorical question (That means you thothkins))
  6. Awesome man, really good. Unfortunately my ISP sucks right now. Luckily in the next couple days my switch will be complete .
  7. Again just quickly:A note to everyone to remove all comments about the Alenium bomb since Gorlom has kicked up a fuss. Also if you don't delete your post yourself I will have to go to Chris to get this thread cleaned up. Because I'm not going to message everyone.
  8. The laser clips are made using Alenium.
  9. Yes but there are hand held batteries as well. If your going to have a science fiction anything you are going to have to explain these things or get these questions.
  10. The research post says is that Alenium releases energy. How is this energy turned into a useable energy like electricity Without large bulky steam engines?
  11. I'll see if I can replicate this when the download's finished.
  12. Yes I would reckon they would. Possibly food and water is factored into the monthly wages. I would personally love to have pilot skills but I will have to live with just better aircaraft. Possibly instead of pilot skills though have re-searchable upgrades to existing aircraft?
  13. Click settings (at the top of the page next to your username) then edit profile it should be there.
  14. Possibly if you could find the sprites somewhere else it could be possible. Also another way is with community effort getting a lot of people working on a small part of the mod would drastically reduce the time and effort required, though the co-ordination could be a challenge.
  15. I'd say to PM Chris with this and offer him the extra 10 bucks, he seems like a nice enough guy.