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    Xenonauts-2: Soldiers

    XCOM2 stealth system will obviously not work here, but what about your soldiers and aliens having not only sight range and angles but also hearing range? Your trained scout could predict where alien sight angle could lies and move into his blind zone to flank and shoot him from uncovered angle. Your heavy trooper however could not even if he knows where alien could not see him - his armour and equipment will produce alot of noise during movement which the alien on overwatch could hear, turn around and shoot your approaching soldier. The same applies for your solders - aliens could have lighter armed and armoured aliens who will actively attempt to sneak on your soldier to shoot them from their blind spots. Wraths actually already do so in X1 - they always teleport to the spot your soldiers vision does not cover. That way you could have not only resilent, accurate and brave soldiers but also a sneaky one. And one of your rookies might actually be able to move around without producing that much noise making them useful as a scout or flanker - alien spotted might actually be facing the opposite direction from your soldier allowing you to hide behind corner unnoticed during the same turn or try picking him off when the alien is still not aware of your soldier presense. Different weapons could also produce different kind of noise when fired. If the alien hears your guns firing - they will be drawn to the firing location or simply turn to the direction of the gunshot heared and lay in ambush for possibly approaching soldiers. That way you could try add silencers for fireams - to pick off aliens with your sniper without drawing aggro from his allies.
  2. Farya

    Xenonauts-2: Vehicles

    It's sad to see large vehicles gone but I must agree with reasoning behind their replacement with drones. Though it still might be cool to see human tanks and IFVs during terror sites as part of defending local forces. Also that might be a good idea to have non-learning operator controled drones at first tiers and learning andron-based AI for later tiers. Which could learn(though slower then humans) and probably have some quirks and personality too. Hell, you might probably even add side-grades for drones. You can have classical wheeled or threaded drone carrying heavy weaponry and acting as mobile cover. You can try repair broken andron(initialy it's poorly working terminator-like skeleton with simple steel plating) to let the drone more resemble a human soldier tacticaly - uses same weapons, can crouch and use utility items but still can't use cover, very slow and firing weapon from mechanical hands is not that accurate from a permanent mount. But you can pick up alien rifle and use it with reduced aim penalty - robot don't care much about ergonomics. Flying drone could carry few weapons and armour but have long sight range and mobility. As a limiter for amount of such a smart machines make them expensive and make it also hard to procure such an advanced AI in first place. You must take down andron first, without destroying it core to make such an AI unit. Which means you have to use some special weaponry or tools for that and risk a soldier doing that.
  3. Farya

    Easier recovery from catastrophe

    I think being able to hire experienced soldiers is a bit of lorebreaking and casual - Xenonauts are the only force actively going on against the aliens. Thats why your recruits are inexperenced despite being best of the best in "normal" military - they were trained to fight other humans not the aliens. But I agree that there should be some way to get recruits who are not privates. What if surviving local forces encountered on terror sites and other missions will have a chance to be be inducted into your ranks? They would volunteer to join your force to be able to avenge their fallen comrades, sent to you to maintain secrecy(might be the case regarding police officers and security guards) or as reward by local government. That will also give player more incentive to actually go on and fight aliens instead of letting local forces to soak damage from the invaders. And that will also make sense lorewise - as these people had actually fought aliens and survived they will be more accustomed fighting them then fresh rookies.
  4. Farya

    Useful combat shields

    Shields were actually extremely viable in X1 and CE made them even better. Though it might be good to add more variety to weapons that shield carrier could use. Like melee weapons for bashing and slashing aliens in close quarters, some one handed plasma pistol designed to knock aliens off their feet (hello PEPS from Deus Ex) or maybe a grenade satchel which will allow you to trade secondary weapon slot for additional space designed to carry grenades. Actually shields could get more variety and customisation as well. Like let us mount a floodlight on its front side, so shield guy could light the area infront of him during the night missions, additional plating/coating for resistances, spikes for melee damage etc. There could be a smaller light shield which would allow trooper to use a rifle or shotgun at the cost of less protection and covering - they will not be able to cover soldier behind them and enemy fire will still have a chance to hit them in unprotected leg or head + reduced accuracy because of the shield attached to your assisting arm.
  5. Farya

    Keeping alien weapons

    When it comes to alien weaponry I really like the system X1 X-Division mod have. Each tier of weaponry have not just one but actually TWO types of weaponry. One of energy type and one of ballistics type. And just like X-Division operatives can and should use both types of weapons, so do the aliens. And they also have weapons resistances depending from it. Caesans, Wraths and Harridans use energy-based weaponry like phasers and plasma guns and heavily rely on energy shields for protections which are good against energy-based weapons. However they are poorly armoured and can be easily downed by ballistic weaponry. Sebilians however are very tought and armoured, extremily resistant to concusive force and ballistics but energy-based weaponry can make a short work of them. They also use a little better variant of firearms initialy because they are too dumb to be trusted more complicated and deliciate weaponry anyway. Their less intelligent friends like xenomorphs and reapers follow the same rule in inverse: reapers assisting sebilians are very resistant to lasers but are vulnerable to their handler's ballistic weapons. Sounds really reasonable in case your war pet suddenly turns on you, huh? I think X2 could use similar system - sure, you can pick up and use alien plasma rifle (though poor ergonomics and unfamilar design will make it unconvenient), but the alien type using it will be very likely wearing armour designed to protect from it, so you are not getting much. However, the same plasma rifle could be useful against other aliens or against brainwashed humans/collaborationist forces. Actualy if I remember correctly in original X-COM laser weaponry were more useful against sectopod then plasma weaponry, because the latter had extremely high resistance to plasma guns which make sense. It might also actually make sense for humans to use completely different weapon technology then aliens do. While aliens focus on energy weaponry, humans will focus on ballistics and maybe melee weaponry. Because the latter works better in Earth atmosphere or something like that. Humans are already incapable of psionics but field combat shields and batons that aliens do not - why dont we make humans even more different in their weaponry too? That will make aliens even more different and huh... alien to us and will allow for some more unique gameplay then original xcom. X-Division also made it that instead of being sold enemy weaponry is taken apart for materials to be used in constructing the human counterparts. You take apart fancy alloy ballistic rifles - you assemble the brand new human alloy ballistic gun using the barrel and internal parts you got from them.