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  1. This is going to sound stupid but: How do you edit weapon damage? Say if I wanted to make it so the stunsticks did a lot more stun damage at once, or the basic rifles did +10 more damage then they do? I tried just editing the xenonauts weapon file, but even after a save, the changes didn't apply when I loaded up the game.
  2. I'm still not sure how you're meant to be able to shoot UFOs down, outside of winning autoresolve, or going into the files and nerfing the alien turn speed. Don't get me wrong, I love the mod. It's just...well, the aliens hulls are strong as fuck [makes sense due to alloys] and they turn fast as hell. Main solution personally was to just nerf their turning speed, and boost the speed/armour/health of human fighters/heavy fighters [the ufos that are captured and repurposed]. Outside of that it was, even in phases 1 and 2, a game of 'watch all your pilots die horribly'
  3. @PALU Thank you for the helpful response. Admittedly, I have taken a slight break from that X-division game to mess around in XCOM 2 (Starwars conversion mods run), but it'll be useful for when I get back into it.
  4. I'd suggest not 'blowing off steam' in public. It makes you look like an ass. Don't get me wrong, the other guy comes off as an ass too. But the nitpicking and 'see see see he's insulting me!!!' really underminds your efforts. There are advantages to being the bigger man and all that. :3 And thank you for the information! It'll be useful to not have to lug one of everything around.
  5. While I can agree that your points here are correct, Ethan (calling it a investigation reeks of Snobbery on Charon's part), I don't think that correcting his poor English skills is going to do anything, bar further poison the well here. Still, it's a shame things headed in this direction. It would have been nice to see fire in the hole be adapted for X-Division. Regardless, hopefully the mod can continue onward. While I can understand being annoyed at how Charon has replied and treated you, being repeatedly snarky, rude and nippy in return hasn't done you any favors, alas. Unrelated but: As someone who never really noticed the 'phases' before (since ...well, they weren't as important. Yes aliens got tougher, but it wasn't as in your face as it is here), how many phases of alien assault is there? Also: Does the 'resistance to weapons' continue into the later stages? For example, I have my elite squad using X-Division ballistics and lasers, due to enemies that are resistant to both. Once I move onto the next level of weapons development, would they replace lasers, or also need to be included in the group armament?
  6. I get that he did harassment and was a bit overboard in his replies, but how does: work at all? No one gets paid for this. It's a mod. How does a modification of a mod being online damage anything? I get 'it breaks the rules', but damages implies...well, monetary value lost, no? No one was forced to use the submod. No one was forced to install it. Isn't that why he kept asking people on here to test and asking for help? If people installed a submod without starting a new game, that's kinda their own fault, isn't it? Unsure why they'd come to you for it, you didn't make the submod.
  7. I haven't tried it yet. I didn't want to risk messing up my game by adding it ('specially since I'm already dealing with phase 2 mods) until others had checked it. Thus the confusion (and annoyance) about how your efforts were being reacted to. Apologies. ...like the guy whose worked on integrating another mod, worked on it, and posted links to ask if it all works, only to get ignored? From what I've read in the thread, that seems about right. One person comes off as stingy and looking down the nose, the other comes off as 'well fuck you then' and easily annoyed by rejection. TBH it's kinda dumb. We clearly all enjoy the mod. If someone wants to work on a submod that adds new features, I don't get why it has to end up like this. Note I used the term 'submod' there. e.g., if people get their panties in a twist about work not being a good enough standard to add to the main mod? So what, it's an optional submod that you can add. Admittedly, I am basing my knowledge of how mods and submods work on the practises at the total war centre, since I've been there far longer than I have here. Apologies if I'm talking nonsense.
  8. TBH I don't get all the fuss here. Someone offers, for free, to help improve the mod by integrating another mod. They ask for access to betas and such after working on it for a while, to make sure they don't fuck it up. This then descends into a 'no u don't work with us' slap fight for some reason, they continue to work on it, and then their work is ignored? Apologies, but this is confusing as hell. The ability to make your entrances to ships (e.g. fire in the hole) would be a godsend for this mod.
  9. Huh? I went into the aircraft files (opened in excel) and changed it so the X-Division version of the mig could be bought (alongside nerfing the ufo turn rate. I like air battles, but I'm not that much of a masochist) and it worked without issues?
  10. Hello! Recently picked up this game, played a good 100 hours or so of a vanilla. Was very fun! Been slowly dipping my toes out into mods and found this, which is a life saver...only issues is it kinda ruins itself. Yes, better armour and guns mean you can have better base defence...but any structure that this effects doesn't show up on base defences! It's just black impassable space that you can shoot across.