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  1. Resources? I thought only a lot of extra retrieving time.
  2. I have a terror carrier(with heavy fighters and troops from phase 1) on the beginning of phase 2? Is this normal?
  3. Well, thanks i guess. ( sorry somehow cant take screenshot when in game)
  4. Thanks. I know about possibilities to down terror battleship without loss planes(aircircus video), but down the carrier seems imposible to me without loss planes, maybe 2 f17 with anti missiles and one foxtrot with torpedos. It is possible?
  5. Hello, i currently first run this awesome mod, i saved before first wave with terror carrier. I am managed to shot down this bastard with 9 my foxtrots smashed by him. I am wondering what better shot him down or terror mission? operators is the same on ship and on mission? –°arrier datacore give firebird which looks like a very good fighter throughout the entery game? Am i right? If I beat him, then after that continue to shoot down carriers or let a terror mission be?