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  1. You mentioned reflexes, i use reflexes a lot. All my guys are specially trained for reflexes (rippers are great for this). Helps during the storming of UFO (sad that the wolf decrease reflexes), if there is an mk3 weapon in this phase, then even ambushing high-ranking fighters are possible. It works well when wave of rippers or xenomorfs attacking when storming a terror ship. Interesting thing: when xenodrone stand against a wall of waiting riflemans with all TU, he often dont move next turn. Dont know what it is, does he scares about reflex shoot or just some sort of bug. Curious, what about mechanics of reflex? How reaction modifier and weapons range works? What file is responsible for that?
  2. Resources? I thought only a lot of extra retrieving time.
  3. I have a terror carrier(with heavy fighters and troops from phase 1) on the beginning of phase 2? Is this normal?
  4. Well, thanks i guess. ( sorry somehow cant take screenshot when in game)
  5. Thanks. I know about possibilities to down terror battleship without loss planes(aircircus video), but down the carrier seems imposible to me without loss planes, maybe 2 f17 with anti missiles and one foxtrot with torpedos. It is possible?
  6. Hello, i currently first run this awesome mod, i saved before first wave with terror carrier. I am managed to shot down this bastard with 9 my foxtrots smashed by him. I am wondering what better shot him down or terror mission? operators is the same on ship and on mission? –°arrier datacore give firebird which looks like a very good fighter throughout the entery game? Am i right? If I beat him, then after that continue to shoot down carriers or let a terror mission be?