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  1. I'm several missions in myself, but since I've tried to play it rather stealthily (only take downs so far, and I avoid those if I can), I've never had a chance to deal with the LOS issues. I have found several bugs though; for example in one of my missions, the Agent got suspicious as guards weren't reporting in. The agent then headed for the camera security system to reactivate it, but as soon as they switch it on the game gets permanently stuck on enemy movement, so I had to reload earlier back, got a little further and it got stuck again (on the turn that they reactivate the cameras). Pretty much a matter of reloading earlier saves and hoping the agent wouldn't activate the cameras that turn until I could catch up and take them down. Also disposing of agent bodies causes a Fatal Error every time; in my case it happened after carrying an agent then dropping them with intention to pick them up, but then I could no longer pick them up and only had the option of "Dispose of Body" which causes a Fatal Error crash to desktop. Also had a UI lock up bug when completing one of the investigation boards; could only switch between the world map and board, however the world map was empty....thankfully reloading the last save fixed this. Hmm, just seen the 1.01 patch on GOG, seems to fix the Fatal Error bug I've run into, also have included a manual in pdf format, although it seems pretty pitifully sized (21 pages) compared to the game complexity. A quick glance at the manual does show some good information, for example cover: Half cover = 50% damage reduction Full cover = 75% damage reduction So perhaps the manual might still be helpful...I'll have a look indepth later today.
  2. Hmmm, yeah seems rather buggy so far. I didn't get much further than the first mission, and I played it stealthy so I didn't get to see the Line of Sight issues others have run into, but I believe it is a pretty important issue currently. I actually tend to spend quite a bit of time setting up graphics options in game. The "Default" anti-aliasing was pretty destructive on texture detail, so I switched to TXAA which was a little better but results in the whole screen shaking ever so slightly all the time.... AA turned off and AA quality on low and the game looks a lot better IMO. reshade works fine with the better less destructive SMAA. Yeah thats me..spending more time tweaking the game graphics options rather than playing... Rather disappointed about the lack of documentation or explanation on certain mechanics; really could do with the some hover tool-tips to explain things better. The "Danger" mechanic I think works similarly to the one proposed in Xenonauts 2 where the higher it is the close you are to having your hideout discovered, but I haven't played very far and the learning curve is steep (steeper because there really isn't much in the way of explanations on things). The combat doesn't actually have a % chance to hit which is different, and that is where "awareness" is used to help you "Dodge" incoming fire. I'll probably start a new game again and see if I can make more sense on things.
  3. Just had a quick google: -XCOM: Enemy Unknown uses the Unreal 3 engine -Hard West uses Unity (I'm not very fond of Unity, ever since Pillars of Eternity any games I purchase that are built with this engine tend to be very hard on graphics hardware with even relatively average in-game graphics) -Phantom Doctrine uses the Unreal 4 engine (I should of checked this before purchasing the game, but I'm so relieved that it's using the Unreal engine...phew!) Not sure how to answer about your apple & blackcurrent omelette with chips however
  4. I much prefer the sci-fi setting of Xenonauts or XCom, but after watching a gameplay video of it, I was pretty impressed by the level of detail: Was actually on the otherside of the fence when it was initially anounced on GOG ("Will not buy), but I ended up just purchasing it today after watching this gameplay video. Really like the addition of the "Awareness" attribute to give a little more tactical depth to combat. Apparently will be released for download tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl...may end up regretting my purchase in the end, but it wasn't too expensive ($45NZD ~ 24 Pounds) and visually looks decent.
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    Chris - Out of Office (& Mini Update)

    I had no idea so much was happening in the background; I'm fairly new to the forums, but I still hope you have a lovely, very relaxing holiday (I know after attending a few weddings and being the best man for one that they aren't particularly relaxing, but I hope the honeymoon makes up for it!).
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    Text is still too small?

    Many thanks for the response, that is great news, quite surprising considering the ratio I'm using is likely only shared by a minority of users now. On the other hand...4:3, that is pretty much the original CRT display ratio right? 1024x768, 1600x1200...that takes me back Any chance as well on the Windowed borderless mode? Mostly I use it to stop a game changing the gamma settings (which usually results in resetting the custom windows colour management profile I've created), but it can also be handy to seamlessly switch between displays. Oh, sorry OP for hijacking the thread, while the issue I had with the original Xenonauts was a text one, it wasn't the same issue and now I'm getting more off your original questions topic.
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    Text is still too small?

    I'm probably going to be out of luck here, but will 16:10 displays be fully supported? I currently have a 1920x1200 10-bit IPS panel that I bought quite a while ago, it's not the end of the world if 16:10 won't be fully supported as I can handle the letterboxing that happens running at 1920x1080 which I had to do with xenonauts 1 (otherwise text dialogue gets cut off in game). I know the Xenonauts 2 alpha works fine with my display, but it was the text explanations in the xenopedia/world map/tactical layer that got cut off abruptly, so it's a bit hard to tell from the alpha. In addition, I noticed the gamma controls for brightness with the alpha...these always full me with a sense of dread since I have used a colour meter to callibrate the display and these controls usually mean overriding that carefully constructed colour profile with something that completely ruins the picture (I have a high contrast setting, so anything that overrides the colour profile results in cliping all highlights to white). If borderless mode is included, this is usually a pretty good work around and since I have 2 displays setup it's convenient to have a game up and the web to research at the same time.
  8. Speaking for myself of course, the Xenonauts 2 GOG newsletter was near perfectly timed. The summer sale had just finished which had introduced for the first time on GOG, XCOM - Enemy unknown @ 75% discount (both first release and the discount), which was literally an instant buy (I never bought the game originally because of the DRM). I had nearly finished a full playthrough but had been looking at mods to help improve gameplay and a newsletter came in about Xenonauts 2 and a free demo. Perfectly timed in my opinion, as I certainly had xcom based games at the top of my thoughts when that letter arrived. I had a quick look at the demo but then dived into a new Xenonauts game (using the CE mod). Both XCOM from Firaxis and Xenonauts are great games, but I remembered one of the things I very much loved about Xenonauts (The Weapon & Xenopedia artwork and writing is gorgeous and the CE "Lore+" mod with the additional images felt like part of the original release). I'm wary of kickstarters and prefer to pay for the product once it is finished, so this is my first time pledging a kickstarter. On another note, I feel that the free giveaway would of been better done at the same time as the Xenonauts 2 alpha anouncement on GOG, but I don't know if this would of made any difference or not.