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  1. I think it would be a good idea if whenever a transport is deployed to a mission there is a opportunity to review the squad before it is despatched, either automatically or with a pop up (similar to what happens in the new XCOM games). Ideally this would enable a player to quickly check the squad that has been selected and adjust the soldiers selected, their loadouts, position in the dropship etc. I think this would be very helpful in making sure that a mission is not launched with an incomplete or wrongly equipped squad epically in ironman games where the player can simply reload a saved game if they discover they have sent someone on a mission without the latest weapons available( or any weapons) by mistake.
  2. I loved the original game and have just signed up to the Kickstarter for this one. However when I was playing the first Xenonauts a few things annoyed me which could be improved for the squeal. Firstly it was rather awkward to compare soldiers starts (such as finding out who has the best accuracy to make them a sniper) and then trying to find their name on a separate screen to change their equipment. Would it be possible to add some button that jumps directly from the list of soldiers to their equipment? Also on a couple of occasions I had to restart a mission after I realised I had forgotten to give some of my soldiers the right equipment (normally after they had returned from being injured). Would it be possible to add a review screen before a transport is launched showing who is onboard and roughly what equipment they have? I don't think that the game should punish me for forgetting to equip someone who has just returned from the hospital (of course if I don't have enough of the latest guns then that is my problem).