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    Mapping questions/answers

    Why is unpacking tiles necessary? Why the game can't come with tiles unpacked already?
  2. Things I've tried: - Double clicking medpack in the inventory - Dragging medpack onto character in the inventory - Dragging medpack onto character's portrait in the bottom panel - Right-clicking a medpack None of them worked and it is very annoying that my characters were all killed despite having access to med kits.
  3. I realize this is an old game and I don't hold my breath for it because of that, but would it be possible to integrate game with mod.io? It is basically a platform-independent Steam Workshop equivalent that is being developed by the guys behind ModDB and IndieDB. The API is quite similar to Steamworks (obviously there are some differences but mostly in the way that using Mod.io SDK is easier and makes more sense) so while switch still would require quite a bit of work (not only code, but you'd also need to figure out a sensible path for Steam Workshop users to migrate the mods they've developed over to mod.io), it would be quite easier than adding modding from scratch. Just my 2 cents.