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  1. Xenonauts 2: Defenders of Mankind... or Xenonauts 2: Defending Mankind...
  2. I think good option would be system similar to planetside 2 where humans and aliens would fight for specyfic sectors on continents (cities maybe?)...
  3. Separate deathmatch about turn-based combat is easiest way to make multiplayer in Xenonauts... There is even a standalone game like this on Steam... also Firaxis XCOM have same option... And alowing ppl to play in hot seat mode would be great addition...
  4. Answering your question, there is one way to solve this situation but it will change gameplay DRAMATICLY. First of all, game should have removed time boost option on geoscape (to avaid situation where ground combat lasts for 2 in-game months, for example) because all players must be synchronized in game time. Also, ground combat MUST be played IN REAL TIME with limited combat time, lets say 5 minutes (eventually game could allow active pause but no longer than 2 minutes per whole combat so battle should take max 7 minutes). It's risky and controversional, I know, but nothing better I can tell you for now about it.
  5. I thought many times about XCOM (in that matter Xenonauts)- like multiplayer game/mode... But the truth is... it's impossible in it's actual state. X-es have both real-time and turns... I can't imagine how it could look like if you are in ground turn-based combat while I'm in the same game on geoscape with real time... So I see 2 possible solutions: - Like in new XCOM - Ground Combat in multiplayer where you are assembling your dream-team and fight with other ppl or AI. - Brand new game, mostly focused on PVE where players are humans and are fighting all over globe against alien invaders. Whole idea is much more complicated and it's not place to put it so if anyone is interrested in XCOM/Xeno-like MMO I can send it in PW or e-mail...
  6. Hello everyone... I just finished actual demo of Xenonauts 2... Here are my few thoughts about it... + Some new weapons (GL, SAW, really nice SR). + Osprey-like transport. + 3D models. + Bullet effects. + Easy to play if you know Xeno 1. - GL and HG are little too weak (like 2 to break glass doors). - Sectoid-like alien (possibly first aka weakest enemy in game) survived 3 FULL HITS from shotgun (3x4 shells). Way too strong imo. Another one survived hit from SR and 4 of 10 shots from SAW. - Automatic center camera on selected soldier (really annoying). Ideas (idk for now what will be in game so I'll mention everything I think of for ground combat): -> Under-barrel GL like M203, GP25, GP36 etc. -> Weapon mods like better scopes, laser-sights, handgrips, bipods. -> Satchels and anti-personel mines like claymore. -> Possibility to make barricades. All for now...