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  1. Which file are you trying to download?
  2. I'm sorry no one has answered your question yet. I wasn't prepared to answer it at the time you posted, but while I have been studying the mods I have kept you in mind, and I think I can help you now. You can see in my screenshots (after a fresh install) I have the base mod as #29. I looked closely at your screenshots, and you have the base mod there too, as #20.
  3. OK, now that I have invested a day or two to become somewhat more familiar with what's going on in the mods, if you remember any details in the future please let me know. I can contribute improved documentation, setup instructions, and probably other things, in addition to the file stewardship I have been doing with my download links, checksums, and virus checks. Since I'm not getting much help (usually no response to direct questions), I'm forced to figure it out by trial and error. I can do that, no problem, and one of the first things I want to learn are the specifics that should replace the vague parts of the setup instructions. I normally do a lot of bug testing as a hobby, so if anyone cares to help me speed this process along (answer my questions maybe?), I might be able to contribute more directly with improving the quality of the mods, and possibly eliminating the need for mysterious separate versions. I haven't even played the game yet, so I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I just want to make it clear cooperating with me will probably result in good things, especially with me taking some of the burden of helping other users.
  4. I finished analyzing the "fixed" mod pack, and my results show the difference is mostly a lot of stuff removed: Xenonauts Community Edition Fixed Mod Pack 0.34.3 xcemods-034-3.zip Compared to the (normal, regular, standard) Xenonauts Community Edition Mod Pack 0.34.3 xcemods-034-3.zip \Xenonauts Fix Pack\modinfo.xml CHANGED: 1.41 TO 1.41X \Xenonauts Fix Pack\sounds_gc.xml CHANGED: MODMERGE="update" added to <Sounds> and <Destruction>, removed from <Damaged> and <Destroyed>, and <General MODMERGE="update"> added too. \Xenonauts Fix Pack\_README.txt RENAMED: TO _README-X.txt \Xenonauts Fix Pack\readme.txt ADDED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\aircraftweapons.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\corpseprops.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\researches.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\strings.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\xenopedia.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\scripts\_basebuilt.lua REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\xenopediaimages\fusionmissile.jpg REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.basic\med10.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.basic\nor32.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.buzzard\med10.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.buzzard\nor32.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.jackal\med10.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.jackal\nor32.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.sentinel\med10.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.sentinel\nor32.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.wolf\med10.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\soldierimages\armour.wolf\nor32.png REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\backgrounds\mainmenu\animations\Lower-CRT-Center.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.basic\weapon.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.basic\weapon.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.basic\weapon.assaultshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.basic\weapon.assaultshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.basic\weapon.combatshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.basic\weapon.combatshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.buzzard\weapon.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.buzzard\weapon.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.buzzard\weapon.assaultshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.buzzard\weapon.assaultshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.buzzard\weapon.combatshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.buzzard\weapon.combatshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.jackal\weapon.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.jackal\weapon.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.jackal\weapon.assaultshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.jackal\weapon.assaultshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.jackal\weapon.combatshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.jackal\weapon.combatshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.sentinel\weapon.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.sentinel\weapon.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.sentinel\weapon.assaultshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.sentinel\weapon.assaultshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.sentinel\weapon.combatshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.sentinel\weapon.combatshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.wolf\weapon.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.wolf\weapon.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.wolf\weapon.assaultshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.wolf\weapon.assaultshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.wolf\weapon.combatshield.alienadvancedgrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED \Xenonauts Fix Pack\units\xenonaut\armour.wolf\weapon.combatshield.aliengrenade\soldier_spectre.xml REMOVED This is not what I expected for something that's supposedly "fixed" to get it to work on GOG's version of Xenonauts. There should be more file changes, but instead it's just a bunch of stuff missing and a few trivial changes. The readme.txt says there should be more sophisticated changes, if our expectations were not wrong: Xenonauts Fix Pack 1.0 - Fixed the missing orientation data on certain bookshelves so you can stand near them - Adjusted the sortpoint data on certain bookshelves so they render behind units instead of in front of them - Fixed two windows in the wooden farmhouse set in the Restored Community Map Pack that started floating in the air after breaking them - Added destruction to the wooden farmhouse set in the Restored Community Map Pack - Made it possible to stand next to toilet sinks - Fixed the graphical layering issues with bookshelves and fridges next to open doors in house_small_LR and house_small_UD submaps in the town tileset - Made it possible to walk on flowerbeds without stone planters and removed their cover value All of those changes are in both versions, so that's obviously not something that was "fixed". I'm guessing that's because the "fixed" version is probably NOT based on the current normal mod pack. I'm also guessing the "fixed" version is actually NOT based on anything at all, and is more likely to be a spurious old version of something nobody needs. The most interesting clue I noticed is all these differences are part of the "Xenonauts Fix Pack" mod included in both versions. I think it's likely the idea of a "fixed" version was somehow confused with the Xenonauts Fix Pack, which is in both versions. I'm going to use Occam's Razor and hypothesize that nobody needs the "fixed" version, and until we can find a reason why we need it, we shouldn't use it. In other words, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. I had a few crashes on startup with the "normal" version of the mod pack, but I haven't experienced any crashes on startup with the "fixed" version of the mod pack. I suspect the crashing is not specific to one of the mods. I'm going to try the normal version again, and if every thing runs OK, I'm going to ignore the "fixed" version. I have attached a screenshot of the most significant changes I could find, in sounds_gc.xml. That should be more clear than my text description, and it also shows that so little changed, it looks more like minor maintenance instead of fixing some major issue between the Steam platform and the GOG platform. If anyone has more information or insights based on my research, please share.
  5. Look back a few posts and you will see my drive.google.com links to all the files you need, complete with hashes so you can verify data integrity.
  6. Are you saying the "badon files" come from Steam, and your "fixed badon files" come from GOG? Here are the links and hashes for the "fixed badon files", good for at least 30 days: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Sf6ltwQ4_NMwP4XTp_AnoJeSpekkZwgQ https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b3ea37902a9bcfcee9a18b42713f0f92ac15d481af8c353adabb8cd0bebaf614/detection MD5: 03f1485191e84df33fa1896c8275aa04 SHA1: 03ae545d4a07d8ba2851f5c85256ab8a3b4ec9f6 SHA256: b3ea37902a9bcfcee9a18b42713f0f92ac15d481af8c353adabb8cd0bebaf614
  7. I recommend switching to SMF. It's a much better forum, and it's free.
  8. I'm not sure what that is, so probably not
  9. It looks like my uploads completed with errors. I'm going to upload them to another host. I will update my post with working links (I hope) in around 1 or 2 hours.
  10. I haven't seen the message you're referring to, but I think it just means the Community Edition mod first, then the mod pack second. I uploaded both. The first link above is the one you want, and the upload for that is already finished.
  11. Xenonauts Community Edition 0.34.3 xce-034-3.zip https://drive.google.com/open?id=19PXyONjhcKb_ufNsgcYB6cnc6MaHanG6 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/64a6c1409083ddcb2c464061c02a9209bc04bffd0f61f03d2d12381870a072ba/detection MD5: 74449768b0af8e4c8b368a1d0e747c21 SHA1: 0ae31a91dfd0d6a6042c6e37e31306ae1ac3bca6 SHA256: 64a6c1409083ddcb2c464061c02a9209bc04bffd0f61f03d2d12381870a072ba Xenonauts Community Edition Mod Pack 0.34.3 xcemods-034-3.zip https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y-5bDjBvV10Jg031sM7e3gAs34Jx1c1- https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/7145e02a61f01d326a78ffe4c092e99780ae57a77cf4e5b9e773d09d5aac56b2/detection MD5: 7d448edba2fc04d1a88f6a0244995ace SHA1: d93022059ca6ed37a52c0beda64a93d84f3fbc46 SHA256: 7145e02a61f01d326a78ffe4c092e99780ae57a77cf4e5b9e773d09d5aac56b2 Be sure to check both files at VirusTotal.com, and compare the cryptographic hash checksums to be sure there are no errors, and no one has injected malware into them. Those links should be good for 30 days.
  12. Gigantic wall of silence. This is the first time I've experienced such a lack of interest like this. Usually people are pretty enthusiastic about mods. I haven't been able to get them to work for me, but I still have the files, so I'm going to upload them somewhere for you. I'll be back in a few minutes with some links. If you want to chat, you can find me on Freenode ##gaming, here: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net:+6697/##gaming
  13. HELLOOOO? I bought this game based on the suggestion of a friend, and I'm still waiting for help in getting it working with the Community Edition mod so I can start playing. I don't want to ask for a refund because I'm sure this can be done if there are still active players of this game on this forum.
  14. I still don't know what you're trying to tell me. What should I look for when I check it? What does X-Division have to do with me?