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  1. far more comfortable than reading the file, Aye!
  2. So true... Back in my old days of beginning with Xenonauts modding i remember there was one single file with all those Research dependencies. I am an Phase 2 already and havent discovered alenmium explosive... and dont know what i missed. Anyone could help out?
  3. well... i guess the language barrier is too much for me in this case...
  4. Sorry, dont understand the relation...(honestly) what do you mean?
  5. Haha... as i said before, your arrogance is unbelievable. I beg you pardon english isnt my mothertongue and in MY mothertongue that sentence would be grammatically totally fine with YOU finding the error. Thank you oh thy great Charon...
  6. Well, at least i found the error beeing on my side. Nevertheless a Rookie not beeing able reloading a silly Mark I Laser Rifle by plugging out a magazine and inserting a new one is just plain stupid...wonder how he is able to fire this thing...
  7. well, he is not overweight. Then it is a design flaw that a laser rifle cant be reloaded from a dumb grunt...
  8. its a 4 kb left over zip file... Reload 50 Tu will be a problem as my soldier has 47 TU max... So basically he is too dumb to reload? edit: how should i add a geoscape save from a ground combat based problem??
  9. a not installed mod
  10. Correctly installed, tripple checked. No other mods, correct priority of mods. Savegame in Ground combat, Laser Rifle MKI cant be reloaded... AutosaveIM2018-04-10_16.12.00.sav
  11. i wonder if theres a alien race resistance sheet available for this mod... right now i am using weapon types by experience i got on the field...
  12. That still doesnt answer my question on how to disable psi... i went quite well the last years to increase psi attack TU...
  13. These are not related to my wrong installation and i still want to have them discussed.
  14. As much as i appreciate your work with this fantastic mod, but you Sir are extremely arrogant in the form and sound of your answers. I doubt, changing the passengers in the Dropship breaks the Mod but as you are unwilling to be of help in this matter i will just end my request as you, in addition, didnt read my full post obviously as i didnt ask just something related to my game having errors... Thanks for no help with these questions, too...
  15. wow... your a visionary. I did install the game correctly and i repeated it 3 times as stated in your first post. All 3 times with the results mentioned above.