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  1. Hi Xenonauts, Unfortunately I tried finding my previous comment on this topic but the search bar or manually searching the previous post wasn't successful! I've tried verifying the file again several times, after each update too. I've also tried turning off the firewall but the same old still happens... I load the launcher, i select either of the full demo or quick battle, then nothing happens... I'm very confused why this is happening and i'm going to try another PC soon-ish, but if that doesn't work is it possible (as painful and upsetting this is to say) to get a refund? Unless there are more solutions I can follow or need to check on that would benefit? Very kind regards and apologies for this issue.
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    Game not Starting

    Cheers guys just validating files again, not too sure what particular file I need to make 'trusted program'. Theres the Xenonauts file, but nothing comes up in there, Desura just has desura files and appears to show lack of other files that I can go to. Hopefully if this validation works then it shouldn't be a problem. Cheers for your help guys i'll let you know how it goes!
  3. Hi Xenonauts team, I appear to have a slight random problem with actually getting the game started. Previously just before the launcher was created I could play the game until it crashed, which according to your new updates should be sorted :-), however since this launcher has been up I cannot seem to play the game. What happens is: I load Desura I select Xenonauts Launcher comes up I choose either quick battle or full demo launcher closes and that's it, just stays on desktop. Is there anything that could potentially be preventing it, such as a firewall or is it down to my computer? Kind Regards Simon