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  1. Nauty Nauty:- Very Xenonauty Alien Infiltration- ergo, XAI
  2. I have the timer ticking down on this upon GOG. The action in Hard West was pretty cool, I guess they must've just pipped XCOM to the Engine (Hard West), being the only two using that GE. I doubt this will have that base however, i imagine Firaxis bought sole use for XCOM. Anyhow the developers didn't take it and turn it into apple & blackcurrent omelette with chips.
  3. Basil Dazz

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    If one day in the future akin to Futurama, he ability to store human heads in jars arises after their passing, should I ever mistakenly drink from the jar of a programmer and obtain their ability to develop software I had this idea. You are the scientist, obviously within some bounds but for example a laser, you choose the length and width of the of the barrel, you choose the quantity of the power source mineral and choose the quantity of advanced metals for your laser. You click test, you may lose your scientist and laboratory, Next is the battlefield test, you now believe your laser may be perfectly efficient and vapourise a hole in the alien vessel on the far side of the map, you click 'fire' and you vapourise your Xenonauts and Skyranger. Edit:- This one is named the vapouriser, for further production.
  4. Basil Dazz

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    Yes breaching UFO's, definately needed, rookies souls can now stop haunting and move on to the afterlife in peace. As for missions, your turn counter reducing gains could be employed in an espionage type mission of a large ship or base, whereby you must gain technologies or alien plans (each reducing the panic in a region etc.) before the whole alien fleet returns to defend their epicentre.
  5. Basil Dazz

    Xenonauts-2: Soldiers

    My grandest lethargy in the first installment (x1) is swapping in and out individual equipments for a soldier as and when you had built them,however I do appreciate the variety. Therefore for myself I would propose an alternate micromanagement system, with the interesting developments and evolutions you have made so far, hear this:- A ghost squad/squadron is created in the itenary, the contents i.e. soldiers planes are kitted out with the equipment potentially available to be built/researched. One module of engineers/scientists/trainers are then allocated to this squad or squadron and will automatically endeavour to bring the squad to the required level, the engineers trainers can then also benefit from the familarity groundwork as well, also offering character bonuses individually to that squad.