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    Xenonauts-2 November Update

    So... it is desided about "small scale war". sad... But anyway, i wish you luck in development.
  2. lllaxmatist

    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    Before this development update, i was realy waiting for X2. But now... To put it short: it sounds not like xcom to me. For me this games was about planetary deffence. Not only plotwise. For example, xcom and x1 was putting player to the position of "chief of anti-air deffence". New plot is not about planetary deffence. It is about conflict between 2 organisations with different types of billboard adds. I am realy hope, that X2 will be a good game, and i will try it. But i was waiting for something like early plot prototype (with deffence perimeters, managing ground troops.... more planetary scale stuff). P.s. sorry for my bad english (if there was any).