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  1. Just add some sparkles for daytime missions:p
  2. This idea is hilarious. I would definitely pay full price for an expansion like that.
  3. If you like Civ5 - you will like G&K. I hate almost everything about Civ5 and can't recommend it to anyone.
  4. Congratulations on the 150$ mark, Chris. There is still hope that we'll get close to the next mark. If not...well...every dollar counts when making such a great game:D
  5. Upgrading to next tier straight away is too OP. Purchasing the upgrade would be nice for balancing. $$$ + alenium(or one alien power source for every turret) + alien alloys = upgraded turrets.
  6. Another RPS article. I'm beginning to fall in love with RPS. Can't believe i spent so much time without acknowledging them and sticking to PClamer instead.
  7. Maybe they will jump short to medium distances?
  8. "It's game over man,GAME OVER!" can be a great achievement name for losing a reaper/chryssalid mission:D
  9. An american author writing a book about a russian soldier sounds like a bad idea to me. Guess i'll give it a try and criticize the living alien crap out of it if it fails to deliver:p
  10. Reaper hive sounds scary as hell. I remember lurking in the assets folded before it was sterilized...they look disgusting and brutal.
  11. Being a heterosexual male-nerd without any special perks i prefer to have pretty female characters in games i play because i don't get any attention from females IRL:p Also, sausage fests suck and a little variety is always welcomed. And female soldiers were in the original X-COM:D
  12. A lot of indie games implemented better lighting (Minecraft, Terraria, Project Zomboid). Add lampposts and other sources of light for additional atmosphere:D I would put that to 100000$ mark.
  13. He needs to wear that T-shirt in a future KS video:D
  14. The article is 110% positive. The idiom is used to show how good the guys at Goldhawk are by releasing the demo along with the Kickstarter so people can try it and shape up their mind about the game. Most other project only offer promises without any actual gameplay videos, etc...
  15. Additional mission types (defending a friendly military base) Additional tiles may include port towns (like in TFTD), forest and jungle maps.