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  1. today i received this when i logged in and i gotta say i feel really hurt and betrayed by this dev team, for one this post that i made was at least 6 months old and for two i actactily own this game so its a big deal that the devs banned me for a post, i dont remember the term "shill" meaning anything other then an larper, but then agian this dev team are located in to the UK so im not that familiar to illegal words that have down there. in just i want this banned reversed since what i posted was to defend a game series that i like and supported for the last 5 years. feels like a back stab if you ask me, motivated me to come here looking for answers since the steam ban made it so i cant even post any questons even if i wanted too unless it was for the 1st xenonauts, i doubt that any devs would even bother looking at its forum. thank you for reading my rant.
  2. dustkills

    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    I say release and early access so I can give you all the moneys...... now that I think about it I haven't heard any form of a price point so far