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  1. I'm running on OSX 10.10.5. Just had my first base defense mission, and during the setup phase at the start, hitting i or clicking the inventory button crashes the game. Any ideas for how to fix this? I've attached a save file. To reproduce the bug, just let the medium size ship with the 2 fighters fly around a bit until it attacks the main base. mehhh.sav
  2. quincy2112

    The "secret war" idea

    I think the whole secret war idea could be very interesting, very X-files. Sorry if this information is available elsewhere, but where does the funding for the xenonauts come from at first? This thread got me thinking that it would be cool if they didn't get any income at first, and the xenonauts are started by a high ranking US or soviet official who realizes the threat and takes matters into his own hands. Income could come as the xenonauts convince more and more officials to funnel money towards stopping the aliens. So maybe the countries would all start neutral (or possibly under slight alien control) and as the game goes on their allegiances would shift depending on who's been mind controlled/influenced and who's been convinced of the alien threat. So whole countries could pledge their support to the xenonauts or the aliens if the influence level reaches high enough. That may be a bit complicated, though.