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  1. @sanyaskillpro Look in gameconfig.xml and ctrl-f for "autoresolve". Theres a few parameters there that give some clues. From my experience, autoresolve is based on equipped weapon strength versus hp of UFO. Having low fuel (combat time) or less than max HP also gives a penalty. Missiles and torpedos have a power penalty against dodging ufos, either 1/4 or 1/2 of their listed strength. Thats a really big hit, which is why foxtrots dont do well against fighters.
  2. My shotguns do stun people all on their own. Its not consistent, but 2 shots consistently put down a caesan; about half the time they end up stunned as well. Maybe the recent shotgun damage buffs make it more likely for them to kill them outright?
  3. @Sir_Dr_D i think how stun works is in one of the loading screen tips. Half of all HP dmg is dealt as additional stun dmg; this number is not shown. Any blue numbers you see is actual stun dmg dealt. For example, suppose a shotgun blast did 50 HP dmg, and 30 stun dmg to a unit (i.e. you see a red 50 and a blue 30). That unit will have suffered a total of 55 (50/2 + 30) stun dmg. When a unit suffers more stun dmg than their max HP, they are stunned. Interesting Note: due to sebillians HP regen, its actually easier to stun them to death by just taking repeated potshots at them. In between turns, their HP will regen, but their stun dmg will not.
  4. @ralph_09 i believe all you need is the the .99 version, and then just the latest .44 patch. @Woak 1. you could probably change the ap cost to be something crazy like 4000. <MindControl MODMERGE="update" ap="4000" anim="particles/psionic/psionic_mindcontrol" sound="PsionicPower" messageDuration="1.0" strengthModifier="0.5" range="1" /> 2. don't know :-/
  5. A lot of people don't seem to like shotgun, or at best consider it a backup weapon. They carried me through phase 1, and I use them as a primary weapon. Positioning and speed is super important for shotgun. I give to my highest TU troops, and run 2 shotgunners per squad. 2 shots to back of caesan will kill. 2 shotgunners together can move decently far, shoot once, then fall back. Great for caesans. Wraiths take 4 shots. They generally teleport close to you, making your job easier. Xenos take... A lot of shots. One shotgunner might be able to handle a single small xeno if you shoot it with all 5 times... I don't recommend this. Fall back to your squad when you see a xeno in range, who are hopefully waiting with lasers or incendiary grenades. Xenos are stupid and will run through fire, sometime killing themselves before they get to you. Other times, they'll kill themselves right in front of you, and explode... Despite .44 patch, xenos still seem to prioritize your vehicles. Park vehicle near your troop to draw xeno attacks. (Lorewise, I pretend that xenos are stupid and consider biggest thing to be more dangerous. Your tank is bigger than your troops, so they go for it first)
  6. @adriel Caesans: They have shields like your shields (directional protection) Watch the enemy model when you shoot them, if it hits a shield, it'll make little orange marks. It'll also make a plink sound If they don't have a shield, they'll make a squeal when they get hit Sometimes numbers won't show even if they don't have a shield. That means that their armor resisted the dmg you did Xeno They have super high ballistic armor. Use not ballistic. If you kill them, they explode, always. If you STUN them, they don't explode.
  7. I believe the Plasma rifle Mk 2/3 images in the soldier loadout screen is incorrect. The weapons.xml file has the correct file path (weapons/Plasma/plasmarifleMK3), however, inspecting the actual .png image, the mk 2 and mk 3 images are very different than the mk1. the ground combat images (gui/weapons/Plasma/plasmarifleMK3.png) are a consistent shape across all versions, with only color differences.
  8. @Pandi what gear/ loadout do you run?
  9. Anyone want to try their hand at this? Is this one of those missions where I should just go "abort"? Veteran, end of January, Shrike dropship, crashed large, caesans, desert Most people have tier 3 division or laser weapons, with 2 shock rifle users. Supported by a scimitar tank with pulse laser. Have fun disembarking. ITS A TRAP.sav
  10. Thanks, i was wondering why my corsairs were all of a sudden struggling. Code should be inserted at line 456, result should look like this: <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">46,41;54,41</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="14"><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> Does anyone have advice to deal with light drones? Their suppression and insane range is extremely difficult for me to deal with, even if they don't hit. I'm currently on a jungle map (so no walls or stuff to hide behind), and the light drones can see everything, and supress everything while the heavy drone just needs to get one lucky shot in....
  11. Awesome, thanks!
  12. I think this is a bug: What exactly does enchanted shield production give? It's labeled under one time update, so i thought i'd manufacture it once, then see a shield upgrade across the board. Attached is a save file where enchanted shield is 3 hours from completion. Upon completion, I get a notification that enchanted shield is available for research again. Enchanted shield production is *also* still availble. Nutritious breakfast.sav
  13. Would it be possible to tune down the volume on some of the added sounds? The xenomorph screams in particular are ear-splittingly loud, much much louder than both the music and the ambient sounds. I think a few ambient noises could be tuned down as well. Not sure if those mods fall under the purview of x-division; but I'll be noting them down as I play.
  14. I went into phase 2 with mk-3 lasers (you gotta get some VIP captures for this though) and mk 2 ballistics (also need captures for mk 2, but its a lot more common). I found even that challenging... youre gonna be uhh..... have fun with mk 1. : P You make a good point about the alien weapons though. Those few waves of phase 2, i relied a lot on using the alien's weapons against them cause that seemed the only way to make dmg stick. (I HATE ANDRONS) My advice for you on missions: Disembark, see if anyone is around, set up a line of fire with good sight ranges as close to the dropship as possible. Your goal is not to take the ufo. It's to hope someone wanders into your kill zone, you kill them, then you grab their body and evac. It's a good way to get research jumpstarted. If youre lucky enough that all the aliens slowly wander into your kill zone, then you can try taking the ufo. If you have the resources, copious spam (heavy emphasis on the copious and the spam) of stun grenades will bypass armor. Some units have resistance to stun dmg though : [ As for skills, I can't speak for the team but I have noticed a lot of requests for lore writers from them. Your nanomaterials background is a less common skill, I think it'd be really cool to see multisyllabic science-y words in the lore : P
  15. Ah, I see. Hm, I'm all the more curious about those teamviewers sessions. I've never really contributed to game design before, despite playing a lot of games and complaining a lot of "omg this mechanic sucks" to friends... I suppose I should also play the rest of the campaign out. Phase 1 is a "tutorial". Jesus. My troop roster would like to have a word with you... (Also I hate androns) [In all seriousness though if this is the tutorial.... I can't wait for the next phases] I suppose my comments above boiled down to: I wasn't feeling pressure from wounds. The potential of alien bases / improved accuracy / later phases may change that. I guess I'll have to keep playing to find out! P.S. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me! Now go get the next version out : P