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  1. The last patch reverted some of the sight changes, most caesan/sebill only got around 20-25 range now. Just some special races (xeno, robodog, etc.) still have upto 40. But anyway - its harder with those bigger alien sight, no question. You need to adapt your strategy - smoke is much more important now. Don't forget: it is a beta, things are still in testing. 60 range was to much. 40 was already doable, I made a lot a missions with it and won all without any losses (but some wounds for sure :)). Just see my LP. With the actual patch version I find the sight ranges totally ok. You can't stand in the open field anymore (which I did myself in the past too). It is not that bad as it may look. The aliens don't shoot from anywhere - they not only need sight, but also a certain hit probability. Which they don't have got from very far away. Overall the missions are much more interesting compared to the times of "blind aliens" - at least for me
  2. @grossbier Please check your private messages.
  3. Especially your "bad" rifles are great for reaction fire. And yes, in my opinion one shield guy is enough, normally. Two would be better, sure, but I would not like the lost firepower.
  4. If I remember right, the terror missions (base and town) were changed (made harder) with version .41. A town mission of this version is shown in video 85/86, a terror base in video 89/90. The terror base was even a phase 3 base with phase 3 aliens. And I only had phase 2 equipment. It is hard sometimes, but doable
  5. I don't play an earlier version. It is always the most actual version at the time of recording I started with version .40. Smaller and bigger patches came live during playing. Now I am at .42 as well, but some small additional changes are already contained. I always get the patches before they go live because my playthrough is used by Charon for some kind of testing. So the last missions use at the same patch version than your version. The game/patch version of all my youtube videos is shown below it. And I mention (in the video) if an important pre patch was installed. Btw. yes, the drones were changed, maybe my missions were one reason. The "easy" way I downed the terror UFO is not possible anymore. But I don't like/do the air fight anyway. Here is a link to a mission , Charon used one of my playthrough saves for it to show, how you can down the terror UFO AFTER these changes. And two good sniper shots down a sebillian any time. If you use the right sniper of cause. There are some weapons, which are not really good in my opinion. Best sniper weapons are Laser Mk3 (Phase1+2), Gauss Mk3 (Phase 3) and Rail Mk3 (Phase 4). Don't use other weapons for sniping (or you will indeed need more than 2 shots)
  6. @grossbier Maybe you should try different squad mixes. Not everything can be done at any time. With weak weaponary or rookies you can't do big UFOs. Just do small ones, get XP for your Xenonauts and stuff for your scientists and engineers. By time you will get stronger and then you can do all aliens ships (although Androns will stay hard opponents at any time, but this is intended). Overall I find the game very well balanced, at least until the point, which my Youtube-LP (in German) actually reached ( ). I am mid of phase 3. Maybe you can find some ideas for your phase 2 problem there. Normally the only problematic times are the changes between two phases. When aliens and UFO are higher than your usable equipment. Btw. rifles are fine. I am using them on 4 of my 10 xenonauts as main weapon. And missile batteries also do their job, they have shot down several terror assault UFO for me. You just need to have enough of them (and no bad luck, sure).
  7. The last single mission gave me 19 fibre (2 captured guards, 3 guard corpses), just around September 25th - now I am sure I had totally baseless fears. I could probably get into the first terror mission with even 2 Defenders
  8. Thank you too
  9. After deleting AWACS and Ultimate Sounds I don't get any popup at start anymore. I just started a new game, grounded the first ufo and sent Chinook to GC. Here is the logfile (some mods errors are listed in it). logfile.txt
  10. Logfile was added in the meantime to my last post. I get a popup, about the order of mods (see attacked screenshot). I usally hit JA/YES. Ok, I got the firstaid thing first I have to heal all wounds and only after it I am able to heal hitpoints. This does indeed work. Thanks for clarification!
  11. 3 Screenshots for firstaid test (maybe I understood something wrong). Last mods picture added. Logfile added. -------------------------------------------- Andre Before Heal: Lauren about to heal Andre. Andrea after Heal. ----------------------------------------------------------------- And one last thing - in the added savegame there is a moving shadow at the map, actually in front of rasmus (it was even attacked and killed by an alien later). Am I missing a file or is this intended? c.sav logfile.txt
  12. Sure, how can I help you? I have shown and listed my used mods in the first video. I deactivated "COM - Ambient sounds" after the 2nd video. "Charons Changes" and "Tropical and Swamp tileset" will be activated soon. Anything else you need to know? And really - my firstaid doesn't do anything. Not a single HP healed, no wound healed (it was working at version 99.34).
  13. ok, thanks. Sounds well.
  14. During my last try I had 17 light fiber when Defender was researched and I didn't researched directly into the needed direction. The play through was probably close to optimal. 3-9 units per scout/light scout doesn't tell the whole story, because you only get fiber from guards at that time. The linked play through is from 99.34 patch - at that version a Defender was easy to build because it just needed cash. With 99.4 it is extremely hard to get the needed 30 light fiber until the first terror mission (at beginning of October). But it is probably doable. But in no way the car is buildable at the time of research except if you delay this research a lot (30 fiber = 30 guards = about 10 missions; research can easily finished at 15th-20th September). But well, if this was your intention, I will trust you because you have got a much better overview.
  15. Last version (0.99.4) changed some of the material needed for vehicles. Are you really sure with it? I just started a new campaign with this new version (seen at Youtube ). The Defender (the 2nd tank) now needs 30 light fibre - this would probably need about one month for only one vehicle. And the possible loss would destroy the work of about 10 or more missions. Totally not balanced in my books, this effeciently takes the Defender out of the (early) game. Or does I understand something wrong (I am quite new to the X-Division mod, so far I only knew X:CE and the basic game)?