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  1. This is a very small hotfix for the Beta Build V10 that we released on the Experimental Branch yesterday, fixing the broken buttons on the Geoscape (which was a stupid mistake I made when updating the UI). Changelog: The three buttons on the Geoscape (Build New Base, Launch Aircraft, Funding Report) are now functional again. Please continue to report any bugs you encounter in V10!
  2. Thanks. I've found the offending map now and it'll work correctly in the next update.
  3. In what sense are they bugged - are they not working for you?
  4. Unfortunately this bug isn't actually fixed - I encountered it myself when testing V10.1 so I know it's still occuring. Sadly the current logging we have doesn't give us any info about what is going wrong beyond the loading process having hung for some reason, so we'll have to add more logging and release a new patch. Annoyingly, the bug doesn't seem reproducible. After encountering it myself I restarted the game and then it loaded fine, so I'm really not sure what could have triggered it. If anyone notices a pattern then let us know, otherwise we'll just have to patch in the improved logging and work from there.
  5. Thanks for the report. This is a strange one because the logs don't show any errors - but I believe your account of what happened because a 24% freeze happened to me a few days ago (which at the time I assumed was just an error from switching branches so I didn't look into it further). It's a little difficult to know how to proceed at this point. Does the error go away if you play 1080p windowed rather than fullscreen? I'll be pushing a hotfix tonight for some other issues so perhaps that will somehow fix it too.
  6. Thanks. And those soldiers are definitely in the mission? You can press the hotkeys to access them etc? A save would indeed be quite helpful if you see this happen again.
  7. The text area auto-sizes and can support up to 21 characters before it starts truncating the name, so this isn't actually too bad a problem. Only custom / modded soldiers will have names longer than 17 characters though because I don't see any reason to include names long enough to trigger it in the base game.
  8. Closed Beta Build V10 has now been released on Steam and GOG. Note that this build is only available on our Experimental branch so you'll need to switch over to get this update (instructions on how to do that here). This build contains a number of updates to the game mechanics, the most important being the fixes to the air combat that prevent some annoying behaviour happening (such as the UFOs just circling your aircraft at long range until they run out of fuel and crash). We've also added in support for upgrading items via research or engineering projects, one of the last remaining major features missing from the tech tree. There's also some new visual styling of the Geoscape UI pop-ups which is intended to make everything feel a bit cleaner and easier to read, allowing players to focus better on actually playing the game. Sadly I've not had as much time to play the game as I would like, so I suspect the campaign balance is still a bit of a mess. Depending on how progress goes with the implementation of vehicles and the new Modular Armour system (the two big features we're currently working on), V11 may arrive relatively soon to replace V10. If not, I might consider including some balance changes in the V10 hotfixes. Either way we'd appreciate you guys giving the game a quick test to see if there's anything obviously broken so we can try to fix it up as soon as possible! Gameplay Changes: The Geoscape pop-up windows have been reskinned in a new style that is very similar to the equivalent X1 style, which you can see above. The style is placeholder but the idea is just to remove the visual noise that existed in the previous UI so you can focus on the key information (i.e. it's easier to read the buttons etc), and then we can make it look prettier at the end of development. The game now supports upgrading items as a result of completing a research or engineering project. We've made a number of updates and fixes to the air combat so things behave in a more sensible manner: The Evasive Roll maneuver has been added back into the air combat. Aircraft and UFOs now have a Turn Acceleration value, which represents how long it takes for them to start turning at full speed. In X1 it took aircraft and UFOs about three seconds to reach full turning speed, which made the combatants (particularly the larger UFOs) feel a bit more ponderous and "real" than in the previous X2 air combat build. The pathfinding of the UFOs will now allow them to slow down if appropriate (e.g. they are turning to reach a target that is behind them). Combined with the above change, Scouts should no longer fly endless high-speed circles around your aircraft until they run out of fuel. Weapons now have a seperate missile lock range, so they are once again starting to lock on some time before they enter firing range. Aircraft now have a speedometer on the air combat UI. It is now possible to set the size of the air combat battlefield on a per-UFO basis, and also whether the battlefield has fixed boundaries or whether they move relative to the position of the UFO. If you tell your aircraft to keep fighting in air combat after running out of fuel, the aircraft no longer survives the battle. It also only recieves the additional fuel it was saving to get back to base (previously it just gained unlimited fuel, which effectively caused a softlock if you had a Scout UFO endlessly circling beyond weapon range). We've reverted to the Chinook dropship, mostly due to the navigation problems that occur if you have a dropship with a "floor" that is 1m off the ground (it was very hard to click the tile behind the raised floor). There's now space in the dropship to move your soldiers around in the 5x3 troop compartment. The human aircraft and UFOs now exist in JSON templates in the game files, rather than being hardcoded. These aren't exactly easy to read at the moment but this will nevertheless be important for moddability in the future. Added some new research text for Alien Materials and Alenium researches. The new UI now supports renaming of soldiers, aircraft and bases. Double-click on their name and a pop-up will allow you to rename them. The starting squad of soldiers now has a mix of roles / loadouts, and the stats of each soldier is somewhat weighted towards the expected stats for their role (e.g. snipers have relatively high Accuracy but low Strength). Aircraft on the Geoscape now fly a proper predictive intercept path based on the current heading of the UFO. UFO movement on the Geoscape is now constrained to the visible area of the map, so Alien Base Resupply missions should no longer spawn off the top or bottom of the map. Aircraft now have (placeholder) in-construction artwork on the Aircraft screen and in their hangars on the Base screen while they are being built. The text on the Save Game screen now correctly updates as you switch between different games. When you load a save game you should no longer see doors swinging open and dead units collapsing to the ground when the mission first loads up, as this is now handled as part of the loading process. If you mouseover a non-adjacent target with a medikit or melee weapon, the game now displays the TU cost including the cost to move over to that unit. Clicking the target will cause your unit to move and then heal / attack. Pilots now have a callsign rather than a name. Soldier names are now effectively limited to 17 characters, as I have removed any first and last names with more than 8 characters and put an input limit on the rename soldier box of 16 characters. There is now a "Select New Target" button on the "Target Lost" interceptor pop-up notification on the Geoscape. We've fixed some of the performance issues that would occur in the GC when moving the camera. Added the "alert" sound to a bunch of Geoscape pop-ups when they appear. Bugfixes: Fixed a crash from V9.3 that was occuring on Terror Sites. Smoke should no longer become invisible after loading a saved game. Fixed a bug that was causing units to aim lower than required. This means units should no longer aim at the feet of their enemies when at close range. Fixed an issue with the progress bar on the Research screen not accurately reflecting the level of progress. Fixed a bug where starting a new campaign in the same gameplay session could cause the starting Alien Invasion research to go missing. Fixed an issue where blood would sometimes look white (this was due to reflection from the sun). Fixed some alignment issues with the trails on plasma projectiles. Balance changes: All aircraft are now produced via engineering (including the starting Falcons). A whole bunch of engineering and research tree tweaks, including the following: All engineering projects take longer. Alenium Missiles / Torpedoes are no longer automatic upgrades but now have to be built individually in the workshop. They cost Alenium to produce. HEVY launcher is now starting equipment. All aliens use Magnetic weapons for the first couple of UFOs, before transitioning into the familiar Plasma weapons. Researching these Magnetic weapons is a prerequisite for unlocking Gauss Weapons further into the tech tree, but at the start of the game it unlocks an "Accelerated Ballistics" upgrade for your starting weapons. In the next build there will be Accelerated versions of all of the weapon tiers (these are just one-off upgrades that mean the weapons do a little extra damage).
  9. Thanks. Do you know what UFO type and map type (e.g. Jungle, Polar) it was?
  10. Oh, yeah, you're right. I broke the UI while updating the styling on those buttons. I'll get that fixed ASAP!
  11. I have a huge amount of respect for the people who have spent their time modding Xenonauts to create new experiences for the players, particularly the teams behind the largest mods like X-Division and XNT. Unfortunately, though, I can only admire from a distance - I really struggle to derive much enjoyment from playing Xenonauts given I spent so long building the game! I just thought I'd throw this thread up so people could talk about their favorite changes made in specific mods and why they like them so much, as I think I'd find it interesting to read while I tinker with the design of Xenonauts-2. This doesn't have to be something that you want us to incorporate into X2 but if it is then by all means say so This thread is open to mod makers as much as it is mod players - if there's something that you've modded into Xenonauts that you think is a particularly great addition, feel free to post it up and explain why you think it's so great!
  12. Do you mean the hidden movement painting that appears during the alien turn, or something different?
  13. Chris

    Destructible roofs and floors

    We're still looking into it and experimenting with how quickly it can be implemented. Problem with allowing floors / roofs to be destroyed is that units and items that are on a roof or floor need to drop down to the level below if the floor is destroyed, and any props need to be completely removed (i.e. not leave floating debris behind) if the ground they are on is destroyed. So it's not quite as simple as we initially thought! Hope you get better soon!
  14. One of the changes we are planning to include in Xenonauts-2 is a "modular armour" system, which is intended to give the player much more flexibility in terms of how they equip their units - and if all goes well, it should also be visually more "cool" than the armour system in the first game! Problems with the Xenonauts 1 System: The first Xenonauts game had six suits of armour in it which could be simplified down into three tiers of technology that contained a "heavy" armour and a lighter and usually more mobile "light" variant: Basic Armour (starting) / Combat Armour Wolf Armour / Buzzard Armour Sentinel Battlesuit / Predator Battlesuit The light armour typically offered less protection but had a jetpack, and the two battlesuits also offered 360-degree vision or maximum Strength respectively. This sytem worked fairly well in general but there were a couple of instances where it ran into difficulties. The pace of the campaign and the sheer number of armour suits meant that you were constantly unlocking new armour, which meant you were often replacing your shiny new armour every two or three missions. Such a short lifespan rather detracts from the cool factor of getting new gear. There was no way to customise armour - e.g. a Buzzard jumpsuit would always have a jetpack, but on missions like Alien Base attack missions a jetpack was completely useless. There was no option to drop the jetpack and, say, use the reduced weight to bring along a few more grenades instead. The Xenonauts-2 system is designed to take everything good about the Xenonauts 1 armour system and fix the problems that it had. How the Xenonauts 2 Modular Armour System will work: In Xenonauts-2 those six armours would be collapsed down into three suits of armour that each have a number of "modules" that allow you to customise them. For the purposes of this thread I'll use similar names for the armour: Tactical Armour (starting) Wolf Armour Battlesuit Armour The modules currently planned for the Tactical and Wolf Armour are the following: Heavy Armour (+armour, +weight) Rebreather (gas immmunity, -acc) Tactical Visor (+acc, -armour) Jetpack (+weight, vertical movement) It is a little deceptive that there's now only three armours, as you can easily recreate the six armours from X1 - the Buzzard is just Wolf Armour with a jetpack, whereas removing the jetpack and equipping Heavy Armour gives you the equivalent of the X1 Wolf. It's better than that, though: there's no reason why a particularly strong soldier can't equip everything at once (although ideally the penalties on the items mean it'd be suboptimal to do so from a min-maxing point of view). The modules are controlled by a series of toggle buttons shown below the armour dropdown. You can see a simple (programmer art) concept for how it will look in the image below: Each of the buttons is toggled independently from the others, so each soldier can equip any combination of the modules for any given armour. They will also be compatible with the loadout system so you can say all your Assault troops have Heavy Armour and Rebreathers, while all your Snipers have Tactical Visors and Jetpacks (obviously you can also customise individual soldiers too). The art will also update to reflect the equipped modules, which I think is going to be one of those "cool" moments when people when people first see it happening and start to mix and match different components on their armour. Research, Progression and Armour Modules: Clearly, not all of the modules for the armour are available from the start of the game - the jetpack and tactical visor are unlocked via research and then can be shared across multiple types of armour. But the idea is that individual modules can also be upgraded. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the first image has three different armours in it, and this is because the first image represents the basic Tactical armour and the second image shows the Tactical armour with the Heavy Armour (Kevlar Vest) option enabled. The third armour shows the Warden Vest, which is an upgraded version of the Heavy Armour that is unlocked by early game research. Similarly, we could also put a SENTINEL Visor in the game that is an upgraded version of the Tactical Visor that also grants 360 degree vision. We need to spend some time working through the UI / UX of how this could work, particularly if the module items are limited quantity, but it the potential is definitely there for a cool system. Finally, I should say that it would definitely be possible to make a more complex system with loads of different modules for each armour if we wanted to, but I don't think it would be practical. The art requirements get really complex really fast (because each module needs to work with any other combination of modules), and the user interface would also start to fall apart. Having four or five modules per armour tier means we can have a UI button for each, which means changing modules is quick and easy for the player - anything more complex would need a seperate menu (which I think would be pretty laborious to use).
  15. The release of V9.2 sees a bunch of usability and balance updates to the game (mostly the former). The changelog for V9.2 can be found here and my closing remarks on the previous balance thread can be found here where I answer some of the issues raised in the previous threads. A few things to highlight: The changes to the research tree may not all make much sense, particularly with regards to the armour. You should read our plans for the Modular Armour system as you'll need to understand what we're planning to understand why I've made those changes. I've reduced the money and resource income from the strategy layer quite significantly, and I'd be interested in whether people feel like it has gone too far. Things are definitely much harder! Converted alien weapons are being disabled in the next build. I'm open to arguments for re-enabling them but I'm not convinced there's a valid reason to do so, as I feel like there's already a disproprotionate number of weapons in the game and I don't feel there's niches for all of them. But I'm willing to have my mind changed on that point. Combat Armour is now a starting item and it's default equipment for the Infantry and Assault loadouts. Because all your soldiers start out as Infantry, it means everyone has it - one of the priority changes in the next major build will be to restore the weapon / armour mix to the starting troops so it's not all rifles and combat armour (it can make missions a bit boring). Map variation is definitely a problem in the current build, but unfortunately we probably won't be able to fix that until V10 or V11. Other than that, comments are welcome. I'm planning to play a bit deeper into the game in my next playthrough because my previous set of changes were mostly focused on the first hour or so of gameplay.
  16. Thanks. This will be fixed in V10.
  17. OK, I'm working through this post now. Some good points raised here. To answer the main ones: Early Tech Tree: The functionality for upgrading items into other items is now in the game and will be arriving in V10, so the early-game tech tree now contains two upgrade projects that allow you to upgrade your Ballistics to do 20% more damage, or upgrade your Combat Armour into the Warden Vest which gives substantially more protection (both cost 10 Alloys). I've therefore made the starting Combat Armour a bit weaker (20% Resist) and the Warden Vest offers 30% Resist, whereas the Wolf-equivalent armour offers 55% resist. The idea here is that players can either spend resources to do a quick "bridging" upgrade for their starting equipment, or they can skip past it to try and reach the Lasers / Wolf as fast as possible - but that would mean using basic ballistics and conventional armour until about the time Destroyers (formerly Corvettes) start arriving. As an aside, I'm a little unconvinced about how well resistance %s are working for the armour system and I'm tempted to experiment with having armour add bonus HP to soldiers instead. But that's a discussion for a later date. Air Combat: The air combat had a number of issues in it in V9, the biggest one being that units were able to instantly turn at their maximum rotation rate. In X1 it takes a Condor interceptor 3 seconds to start turning at maximum speed, and it's even longer for the UFOs - which gives combat a nicer feel where units don't instantly react to your units flying past, they're more like boats that take a bit of time to start turning. The other issue was the AI pathfinding not slowing down the UFOs when it would be beneficial to do so ... so flying past a fast UFO that had a slow turn speed (like a Scout) would just cause it to endlessly fly extremely quickly in a large circle well beyond weapon range. This stuff has been fixed up now and the units behave more like they did in X1. Now the combat is working properly I'll take a look at the weapon balancing compared to X1 and see if the UFOs are still overpowered. Androns: I'll also play the game a little further to balance out when Androns start appearing and see if they are unreasonably tough before V10 comes out, thanks for the heads up. SMG / Pistol: I'm not averse to making changes but they do need to be distinct from one another and the primary weapons. These are the constraints of the niche that I see: Neither the pistol or the SMG should do more damage per TU than a Primary weapon would, even once taking the short range bonus into account - this is my concern with making the pistol have a low TU cost to fire and high damage; at point blank range it could be a bit of a monster. You could counterbalance that by giving it a low Accuracy though so it was only effective at short range. The SMG should be noticeably heavier than the Pistol, but it should be better overall. You should want to take the SMG if you have weight available. Having the pistol have 7-8 shots per clip but lighter clips is fine by me, and having the SMG be burst only but relatively low damage per shot is also fine - as long as the SMG has higher overall DPS per TU.
  18. We're releasing a final hotfix for the Beta Build V9 on our Experimental Branch. We've been busy working on V10 for a while now and I doubt it'll be too long until we push that out, but I figure we may as well fix up a few more issues in V9 before we push it out onto the Stable branches when V10 releases. Changelog: If you attempt to build an aircraft at a base where the only available Hangars are still under construction, the game no longer brings up the "Select Base" pop-up (which could not be closed and thus would lock up the game). Destroyers on base resupply missions now spawn crash sites, and now also spawn non-damaging "UFO Spotted" anomalies as they fly around the map. Terror sites now correctly inflict relations damage if the mission is failed or you let them time out. You can no longer click on aircraft multiple times to stack up multiple instances of the "multi-select" window. Removed the Terror map that contained the old dropship that did not have enough space to spawn all your troops into it. The Geoscape camera no longer gets "stuck" zoomed in after an air combat battle if you start it with the Geoscape camera zoomed in. If a Geoscape region is lost, it now displays "$0" on the funding report rather than just "$". Fixed the HTML text in the Foxhound / Phantom (placeholder) research text. Fixed a Geoscape performance issue where the crews of UFOs would continue to accumulate over time in the world, which would eventually start to slow the game down. Please continue to report bugs in V9.4 if you encounter them as we may be able to fix them for V10. No need to go out of your way to test this one, though - this update is mostly just housekeeping on our part!
  19. As Closed Beta V9 (which currently requires being on our Experimental branch) contains the first iteration of the realtime air combat model from X1, this thread is intended as a dumping ground for all those little gameplay issues that affect the air combat but aren't quite bugs - missing features, visual or sound problems, etc. Basically, if something is clearly breaking the game (e.g. a crash) then report is as a bug in the normal bug report forums. If something just isn't working properly (e.g. if the interceptors aren't pathing properly towards their targets, missiles aren't visually creating explosions, etc) then post it up here. For now let's avoid the meta discussion about whether the X1-style air combat is the right model for the game, or suggestions about where the air combat should develop from here. For the next week or two I'm mostly interested in making sure the air combat actually functions correctly before we start changing things up.
  20. Thanks. I'll ask the coders to take a look at the logs.
  21. Weird. This doesn't seem to be a problem with the Destroyers themselves, so I'll ask the coders to take a look at what's happening there.
  22. OK. Yeah, this is definitely happening in the save game you've attached but I suspect it's just a variant of the known "weapons in backpack don't bring ammo" bug. I think the fix for that bug which we have planned in may well fix this too, I hope.
  23. Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, I can reproduce this - we'll get it fixed in the next build.
  24. Thanks. Thought I'd fixed that, must have left an old map in by accident. I'll have a look.