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  1. The main source of the large size is the spectres, some of them were fixed for the alien weapons and I can't really remember which ones were fixed and which ones were not, which is my mistake. I may just remove the spectre alterations for now and upload a new version when I can narrow down which ones need alteration.
  2. - Incoming Transmission - Hello humans, it is I, Paul. I have been privy to the knowledge that you seem to be scrapping down Imperial weapons to construct variants of your own, I am more than impressed with your efforts thus far, but what if I could offer you a simple yet elegant solution for your surplus advanced technology? Hmm? New schematics, exotic alien tech? No, of course not, I'm talking about simply shooting them with their own weapons. With some alterations I can make in a few Earth minutes, the weapons should be more than capable of being used by our forces when needed. - End Transmission - If it wasn't apparent, this mod allows you to use alien weapons obtained from missions, once they have been researched, of course, you may then equip them to your soldiers in the armory for use in future missions. Alien weapons damage has been increased to put them roughly on par with human Mk.II weapons since their damage in vanilla were rather low, generally, human weapons will outdo them in most regards and there isn't always an alien analog for weapons such as miniguns. Human Armor values have been altered to accommodate this change. Alien Weapons are now two-handed where appropriate. Alien weapons have received statistics screens in the armory like other weapons so you can see their capabilities. This addon requires X-Division 1.00.11c https://www.mediafire.com/file/5arfu9ry095sla2/X-Division_The_Devil%27s_Toys.zip/file Installation: You must start a new game or else the mod will only work on newly researched items. 1. Download the file (of course). 2. Move the "X-Division The Devil's Toys" folder in the downloaded .zip file to (Xenonauts folder where X-Division is installed)/Assets/Mods. 3. Enable the mod in the XCE mod manager and place it above X-Division in the load order. 4. Play the addon, I hope. Change Log: v2.0: Added spectres for alien weapons that were not present in vanilla X-Division (Almost all of these were for pistol and shield combinations and predator armors). Fixed Armory Strings for the Alien Advanced, Heavy, and Extreme grenades. Known Issues: Alien ammo for some late-game weapons sometimes just does not recover properly from the battlefield, sometimes it recovers just fine. It is unknown to me why this happens (98% of the time it works just fine though). Not really an issue, but to keep the Ceasans able to wield their shields and make their weapons two-handed for humans, an unconventional workaround had to be done. Don't equip a second weapon in your other hand when wielding Ceasan weapons or the weapon will disappear. Author Notes: This mod allows the use of alien weapons upon research and barring some exceptions where a specialist is required to unlock them, this allows the use of certain alien weapons immediately. There is no way to mince words, this does make the mod somewhat easier. (Play on a higher difficulty than you normally would if you think it necessary). I want to establish that I had no part in creating any of the weapons in X-Division, that accolade belongs to the X-Division mod team, I simply made an addon for their spectacular mod that allows the usage of alien weapons since the base game did not for its own reasons.
  3. I'm guessing the problem lies with the fact that alien grenades seem to have some odd properties that separate them from regular grenades, the foremost being that they seem to have an "ammo capacity" since they appear with a 1/1 below them as a firearm would. That being said, I'm not really sure why that is as I can't see anything differentiating them from standard grenades in the weapon_gc or weapons XMLs.
  4. Sound advice, I was thinking of doing this since it would be a surefire way to make it work or at least be a step in the right direction. Thanks for the help.
  5. Not sure how much anyone would be able to help but there's no better place to ask. I'm making a sub-mod for X-Division that allows the player to equip Alien weapons procured in the field and equip them in the armory loadout screen. It works perfectly for the most part except for one thing; grenades. I tried the same method to get grenades equipable in the grenades menu but every time I unlock the grenade through research and try to equip it, the game crashes when you select the "grenades" tab in the armory. I've tried switching them from simply being (for example) weapon.alienstungrenade to weapon.grenade.alienstungrenade like most human standard grenades. I even updated the specters and alien inventories to reflect that change in the aiprops.xml, but the fact that I can't get the grenades to be equipable makes this fairly pointless. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  6. Ah, so there is a fix for the research related to the medbays, I made the fix myself manually without seeing this post lmao.
  7. I know this mod is more than likely not maintained anymore but there is a fairly substantial bug that corrupts a save and the autosaves associated with it if you research the Bio-Surgical Center.
  8. Just a question this time around. Is it impossible to give your soldiers psionics in any way other than the psionic weapon mod or is the game too hardcoded to allow for that? I saw the xml's that list the psionic abilities and their effects but never really found in the xml's for the enemies how it's dictated who gets what psionic abilities .
  9. An actual bug report rather than a critique, melee weapons seem to be duplicating upon mission end, resulting in what was 2 katanas I built turning into 9 over the course of a few missions. Equipping other items rather than the katana in the field results in that item being deleted and another katana appearing in my inventory.
  10. The gamble is that almost all enemies in xdivision tend to rush you and a full autoshot to the face doesn't bode well if you don't have the armor, not to mention the inordinate amount of melee enemies that Xdivision adds to make melee even more of a risk. My second point is that despite their mitigation, there's almost always a gun that can do their job better and do more damage while leaving time units to reposition yourself. Also, it seems a bit of a missed opportunity making the scout armors have increased TU action costs, would have been ideal for melee weapon use if that wasn't the case.
  11. Tbh, I believe the melee weapon TU costs are a bit much, they're already a gamble as it is and the rather steep TU costs hindering flexibility is sort of jarring.
  12. This may have already been mentioned but it's still fairly inconvenient to experience. Alien weapons (not sure if all) can often be wielded with one hand and aren't marked as heavy, meaning that Predator armored soldiers cannot use alien cannons and miniguns due to them being marked as standard weight weapons.
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