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  1. Thanks! I look into Desura. The email send me to a CDKeys page that had the link. I'll try the air combat again. I found a the bat file that seem to enable the ground combat. I need to get more familiar with it all, I suppose. It looks very promising.
  2. I apologize if these are explained somewhere. I performed a cursory look through tabs and couldn't find an answer. Maybe I missed a sticky. Maybe I didn't. 1> I finally managed to get the program to download. I unzipped the RAR file. It launches but not through Desura which is more than happy to have me repurchase it. I managed to play a little by launching the executable. How do I sync the game to Desura to at least get updates? 2> Is it possible to shoot down a UFO over land regularly and I am missing something? Mostly I lose the UFO, run out of fuel, or it crashes into the ocean. The air combat is a little counter-intuitive at this time. I can make buttons change color on the screen, but it is unclear exactly if I am turning things on, off, or doing anything at all. I'd love to screw with this and look forward to the the end project (obviously or I wouldn't have dropped $29 on an alpha.) Obviously, I am missing something that others know about. Thanks!