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  1. 1. yes 2. andron units with shieds (leaders, servers, hubs, etc) have to be destroyed before you kill the last unit on the map, otherwise they will teleport away and you will not get anything.
  2. do not worry about it, it will be fixed soon. in fact all broken text, i hope.
  3. well, i cannot and will not argue feelings. i was just hoping for a more precise description of what drove you off. as for the reputation, you should not talk about the core of it when you have not reached it. it is simply shallow. but i guess it is your prerogative after all to like or dislike anything based on whatever criteria you see fit. well, obviously i am not that one so what can i say, good luck playing jagged alliance. De gustibus non est disputandum
  4. yes it does. but you did not answer my question about how much of it did you experience in order to form an impression. if you only played for a few minutes and decided that is not your thing, well, it would be like making a review of a movie after watching the trailer. i do not believe it to be so relevant. on the other hand, if you played the whole game and than decided on how you feel about it, we would gladly accept not only your opinion but also a more indepth review so that we can improve the experience.
  5. not broken, i just did not have the time to write the strings for them. that is the text description is a sort of placeholder, but the rest is working fine.
  6. @trueman11 i take it you did not play more than a few missions of xdiv 99.41? because if you had, you would know that much of the content from xnt had been included in xdiv. the fact that xdiv does not cut it for you is ok, but it would be nice to play it more than a few turns if you want to form an opinion alas you have no way to know how much content there is and how similar it is or not. also you may be missing a lot of the more subtle things from the game. don't get me wrong, criticism is ok, but it would be even nicer if it were to the point. it could actually help.
  7. in what way?
  8. a bug is smt that usually prevents you from enjoying the full experience of the game. i dont think that is the case here. have you considered that the ufo force landed to deal with a prisoner riot, thus the corpses?
  9. it is not a bug, it is a feature we know about that, but the truth is that it is so low on the to do list that it is not even worth to be mentioned.
  10. first take out the escorts (with air superiority fighters or fighter bombers) then take on the main craft with bombers. careful though, as carriers have drones and missiles no, you are not missing anything. each trade has its tools. eg, your kinetics wont mean much when you meet androns and so on. plus that is only phase 1. it is designed to get you accustomed to the game. experiment and experience, you will need it later on.
  11. @frog glad to see my videos are helpful. if you have any specific questions on some of the mechanics, leave a comment on the video and me or charon will answer it. But you must keep in mind, as charon pointed out to me more than a few times, that xdivision is designed to be not only tough, but also to give players the tools. they are all there, don't be shy to use your imagination. the AI is fair, not cheating, but is designed to give you pause if you are reckless. As for the language, sorry, sometimes i forget myself, like in my last episode when a single sniper held my entire squad off for half an hour until i could get around him. The tension off creeping closer and closer and then suddenly hearing that BOOM, sniper rifle that just took out your scout. Soo, good hunting, commander!
  12. @lehman do you have COM-sounds enabled? if yes and encounter such loading problems, you should probably deactivate them.
  13. @davidjruss i believe you did not unarchive all the 3 archives. unrar first all 3 (right click on archive no 1 and click unrar here) than run the installer. should work
  14. he has already done it. at least what i am testing now. and it makes sense, because you have a limited number of cyclones and lotuses, so you are forced to use other bombers too, for which the projectile speed of the dreadnought might be a problem unless you manage it right. plus it depletes your bombers and forces you to choose between the targets on strategy map. The marauder is an excellent fighter-bomber, useful at taking out escorts and bombing in the same run. specially when multiple interceptor groups are on the map and dedicated air-superiority fighters may not be enough to handle the escorts too. and it can dodge, which is great. who says having choices is a bad thing?
  15. Amazing: somebody else than the devs is actually watching my videos. Uauu triple cannon in my opinion is a no no because would make these too powerful. i mean i could shoot down an infiltrator with it and that is assuming it has around 80k hp. and besides charon, you would have to rework the entirety of cannon tree, which is pointless, as it is pretty balanced now, with all the cannons being useful at some point (maybe except the focus lense and focus blast which are taking forever to aim). The reworked requirements look good for now giving diversity and choice. The marauder is 1 cannon 1 torpedo already so i think it is ok. i mean is ideal for p3 and 4 with some complementary contrails or even interceptor. but i think i will showcase this in my next videos. as for shooting down 1 interceptor, is not that difficult, i mean it can be if they show up in groups and you get suddenly slingshoted from p3 to the middle-end of p4 , but if the progression is normal, you have 3 choices: 1. either find a lone interceptor (which happens frequently at the beginning of p4) and take it down or 2. sacrifice a group of your own hunters to shoot down at least one or 3: look at the second air combat link i posted in the videos from 130 above and then do one of the above @Charon This is what i meant when i asked if i can post the link You mean the dreadnought? i have been thinking about it and i think that besides the 4x hitpoints you should also replace it's missiles with drones. And @Charon maybe i can convince you to double the hp for the terror battleship? so that people can get a taste of what is to come?