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  1. I agree, the game's tutorial does a fair job at explaining some of the tactical options you have, like Breaches, but it's awful at explaining more advanced mechanics, which can often lead to very frustrating experiences. By the way, the game is currently being patched. They are at 1.02 now. Lots of translation fixes (apparently they used Google Translate-tier translations for some of the basic tooltips in French/Russian and other languages) and some LoS visualitzation tweaks as well. They said they are currently working on the most extreme LoS bugs as well, like enemies ignoring certain walls when shooting at your dudes. I'm pretty sure it's something related to height differences, but we'll see.
  2. I've played a fair bit of the game, and I'm slightly disappointed. I haven't had any LoS issues at all, even after around 10~ hours of gameplay. I tend to avoid combat as much as possible, focusing more in the infiltration aspect. The game does a very poor job at explaining certain mechanics, and early in the game I got extremely frustrated due to this. One big example is that the game doesn't tell you that knocking out guards will eventually make everyone go on high alert, start looking for you and erase all intel from the map. Knocking out guards is also based on your agent's HP, so if your agent has lower HP than the enemy, they cannot be knocked out. A bit weird, but I suppose it's one way of balancing it. Combat is also weird, as Baqar said, since ALL shots have a 100% chance of hitting; the only way to avoid a hit is to have a high Awareness value (which regenerates every turn and can be replenished by certain skills). Cover helps make the hit be a "graze", which significantly lowers the damage of the hit. I'm not certain how much I like the system, but I've tended to avoid it. I've had maybe a couple of big firefights in the game. It is also EXTREMELY easy to "cheese" the game with disguises and the help of a perk called "Actor". Disguises make your Agent start in a random place of the enemy compound and do not get detected by cameras nor enemy mooks (but CAN be detected by enemy Agents) but can only equip an SMG and/or a pistol in their weapon slots. The "Actor" perk, however, make the Agent be completely undetectable even when against enemy Agents, so they are completely free to roam around the map without repercussions. Even more, if you give them a silenced SMG, they can "breach" (an ability everyone has that moves your Agents into a room and they automatically shoot anyone inside it, but somehow they still retain all movement points) any room and clear it very easily. The strategy layer is very interesting and Chris might extract a feature or two from it into Xenonauts 2. You send your agents across the globe to investigate places, which sometimes turn out to be false positives (nothing happens), informants (they give you something after X time if you can protect them), or enemy activities. You have to be very proactive about this, as if you let enemy activities go unhindered, your Danger meter increases. If your Danger meter reaches a certain threshold, there's a high chance the enemies will launch a raid on your base (very similar to what Chris was talking about for Xenonauts 2, funnily enough). The only way to decrease your Danger meter is to change hideouts, which takes a significant amount of money. Once you detect an enemy activity, you have several options (most of them you need to unlock first) to deal with it. Interrupt, which simply prevents the enemy action from happening; Tail, which I haven't done yet, presumably it gives you intel on enemy Cells on the map; Recon Site, which lets you use Support Agent and removes the fog of war from the map if you decide to launch an attack; Launch Attack, self-explanatory. You can do even more things against an enemy Cell like infiltrating it or staking it out, but I haven't done it yet so I don't know what they do. All of these actions require that you send your own Agents (sometimes 2, sometimes 4, depends on the action) to do them, so there might not be enough time to do them if it is very far away and/or don't have Agents in the area. It makes you think about whether it is better to conserve resources and if you should scatter your Agents across the planet to better respond to threats. There are some really odd design decisions as well. Capturing an enemy Agent early in the game gives you some kind of boon (intel, blueprints to craft equipment, etc) instantly and for free, with the enemy Agent killed right afterwards. If you unlock the MKULTRA facility in your base, however, Interrogating the enemy Agents costs money and a lot of time, and they give you the same thing as before. Furthermore, enemy Agents in your cells increase your Danger meter by 1 for every hour that passes, so while before unlocking the facility capturing an enemy Agent was free, instant and danger-free, now you get the same thing with all of the downsides. It's true that you can unlock really cool things like Brainwashing enemy Agents into your cause, making them Sleeper Agents so they "flip" during a mission, putting control chips so they go back to their Cell and blow it up, but all of these options require unlocking first, so when you first unlock the facility, you're stuck with a worse version of what you had before. However, none of what I said earlier is worse than this: the game is really zoomed in. Seriously, it's incredibly hard to see anything or plan your movement because the god damn camera is right on the god damn pavement. There's even a button to zoom out, but it's NOT a toggle, so every time I'm in a mission I'm holding the Zoom Out button to be able to see anything. There's no option to increase the zoom level, nor at least make the button a toggle (oh, and sometimes the button doesn't work, like when using abilities from the Support Agents). This is, by far, the worst feature of the game. Anyway, I would suggest to anyone who is interested in this game to wait a bit before they fix their issues. It's certainly a very interesting idea, but a few minor things prevent me from fully enjoying it.
  3. I don't think messing with the balance like that is a good idea. Tier Rewards should be cosmetic only.
  4. Akrakorn1

    Fresh Ideas

    UFO: Afterlight has the player starting on Mars with a few territories, with the objective of exploring and capturing other regions while defending from enemy attacks; although unfortunately it doesn't have any "puzzles" so to speak. There's even expeditions to unearth and diplomacy which you can use to make peace with most factions, although both systems aren't very mechanically deep. The whole UFO series is a fresh (even though they are quite old now) spin on the usual XCOM idea and I'd like to see its mechanics recreated and expanded more often. If you haven't played them Chris, they might give you ideas for further games down the road.
  5. Akrakorn1

    Pre-combat intel reports

    They could be added as rewards for capturing/doing certain sectors/missions if we do decide to implement the risk-esque Shadow War.