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  1. I don't think messing with the balance like that is a good idea. Tier Rewards should be cosmetic only.
  2. Akrakorn1

    Fresh Ideas

    UFO: Afterlight has the player starting on Mars with a few territories, with the objective of exploring and capturing other regions while defending from enemy attacks; although unfortunately it doesn't have any "puzzles" so to speak. There's even expeditions to unearth and diplomacy which you can use to make peace with most factions, although both systems aren't very mechanically deep. The whole UFO series is a fresh (even though they are quite old now) spin on the usual XCOM idea and I'd like to see its mechanics recreated and expanded more often. If you haven't played them Chris, they might give you ideas for further games down the road.
  3. Akrakorn1

    Pre-combat intel reports

    They could be added as rewards for capturing/doing certain sectors/missions if we do decide to implement the risk-esque Shadow War.