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  1. Let's see... I think about setting up my third base in Korea or Japan. With 3 radars it would cover most of the Soviet Union (parts of the Siberia get left out), all of Indochina, and most of the Oceania. Could kick it off with 2 radars and 3 interceptors. Ground deployments over there would be left to dropper from North Africa. North America has had only little activity, so I could reduce its interceptor capacity down to 3 as well: by moving already bought/built planes to new base in Indochina eliminates cost of acquiring new ones. After that I just need 2 base more in Australia and South America with 1 radar and maybe 2 interceptors each and I'm all set.
  2. This guide. In geoscape strategy is said setting up second base on first month is risky, so I waited to second month. What comes to # of hangars & aircraft, even with 5 interceptors I could not bring down every UFO that appears on radar: they're either damaged or refueling, and corvettes need at least 2 aircraft to bring down even with alienium ordnance. I take 1 F-17 only against small scout, all other UFO I use at least 2 of them. And there can be 3 UFOs going around Eurasia & Africa at a time. Real military doesn't use shields, so why should I? My squad composition is 4 riflemen, 2 assault (shotguns, stun batons), machine gun, and sniper. I chose shotguns because of modifier for reaction fire, and those are really useful indoors and storming UFOs. Sniper has reach (if he can get LOS) and I use machine gun to cover the flank (and UFO's door) as rest of the squad explores the map. I don't use grenades in every deployment: frags destroy salvage and gas grenade is useless against androids.
  3. I'm playing Xenonauts (Community Edition) for the first time. Medium difficulty. I have read some guides, but economy is giving me hard time. I set up my first base in North Africa where 3 radars cover all of continental Europe, Britain, Ireland, and parts of South America and Soviet Union. As recommended by guides, I waited to 2nd month before I set up second base in North America. 3 radars over there cover all of Central America and part of the South America. Both bases have total 11 hangars & aircrafts of which 2 are MiG-32. In addition I have made 2nd lab and both are fully staffed. In addition both bases have 3 missile sites and dropship. Yeah, I blew all the cash I had on 2nd month. I have raided most of the downed UFOs for better money. On 3rd month maintenance cost is very near 2M which took most of the funding. That left me with about 1M of income. Right now I have $1,25M, of which 2 precision lasers are taking a slice. I'm thinking about making 4 laser carbines for my assault troops (2 per dropship). Have I done something terribly wrong here? Have I developed bases too much and too quickly? Should I have made do with 1 lab and lesser # of hangars? Is it safe to make a 3rd base or would that bankrupt me? Don't know if I could afford any fighters there. Or am I doing all right after all and money is supposed to be tight?
  4. I'm new here and I haven't played X-Division yet. I want one playthrough with XCE to learn the base game first before I tackle with X-Division. I have one idea which may have been mentioned before and could already be in X-D, but just in case: would it be possible to use firearms for melee? Bayonet, stock of the rifle, pistol's hand grip etc. As is said in screenshot of ALIEN REBEL: That would be supposed to immediately knock out wounded alien without killing it (non-wounded would require several such attacks) and would cost less TUs than dropping the firearm and taking the shock baton from the belt. Is this possible to do or has it already been done?