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  1. Sounds about right, and it is for this reason that I completely missed out on antimatter tech—which require all datahacks from each phase. i.e Antimatter Mk-1s require Phase 1 datahacks(1-3), Mk-2s require Phase 2 datahacks (4-6 but not 1-3), and so on. Unsurprisingly, following this pattern means I missed unlocking other early tech, too. lol I think noticeably missing out on stuff like this is great, and it seems pretty fair as well that (1) the newer tech doesn't completely branch out of previous tech and (2) that newer tech will eventually make previous tech obsolete...so unless you completely screwed up, the sense of missing out on something during one phase won't linger for the rest of the run so long as you get your mind back into the game's objectives.
  2. If by manufacture menu, you mean the xenopedia, then I'll admit I stopped reading the walls of text from the xenopedia at some point, or at least skimmed through most "info" unless they mentioned weaknesses or hinted research requirements. But alas, silly me. The picture literally shows a live alien in a tank. And now that you mention it, I do recall an entry about their acid disintegrating their own bodies after death...I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner thank you both for quickly confirming. After checking my other stuff, it turns out that I also haven't procured live reaper specimen in a while as well. I guess I got myself in a tangled mess with how the corpses worked, and have subconsciously treated both Reapers and Xenomorphs like Androns...I've been so terrified of these guys that my instinct was always just to KOS lol.
  3. Hello, first time playing the mod and I've encountered a small roadblock: I couldn't make any of the knives, which is a shame as they're the one thing I've been looking forward to since starting. I noticed that after one Xenomorph corpse I received in some early mission, I no longer was able to send xenomorph corpses to the lab in further missions. I thought I made a mistake, such as accidentally destroying all xeno corpses up until that point (somewhere around phase 2), so after a brutal terror mission, I had people literally carrying xeno corpses (of different morph phases) to bring home just to make sure. Nothing. The odd thing is, the results screen acknowledges that there were xeno corpses (drone/warrior/etc) retrieved, albeit sold for a low price of $1-2 apiece, but they never were added to my inventory. Have they been removed from the game? I'm running version beta 11c. It will be extremely helpful if anyone can point me to the files where I can fix this. Thanks!