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  1. Does going unarmed affect reaction (like some weapons do)?
  2. Slider2k

    Line of fire at corners

    Is it possible to mod how LOS (line of shot) is drawn? I'd like it to be drawn from the center of source square to the center of target square, to avoid some extreme shooting angles and make cover angles more effective.
  3. Thanks for actual testing details. Still, it is a fact that there was a mechanic of AI "remembering" your troop positions after sighting: Int: Intelligence of the alien ranked from 2-8. This number corresponds to the number of turns the alien will remember the location of your troops. For the purpose of Psionics, being remembered for 8 turns was a bit overboard: essentially, once a soldier gets sighted they will remain sighted for the rest of the mission (or until psi enemies killed), being targetted by psi spam, and having successful psi attacks refreshing that counter. Hence aforementioned fix. Still, even without the fix the psionics system (excluding human psi) was more fair in the OG X-Com (same with panic system) in comparison to Xenonuats, where AI didn't need to sight first, could target randomly anyone anytime, had too high MC success chance even on best troops (with high bravery).
  4. I also just found about it in other topic, lol. Didn't check config.xml thoroughly, my bad. Also, TU are addressed as "AP" in parameters of config.xml.
  5. Specifically inventory management TU costs. Dropping anything on the ground costing 0 TU feels like an exploit, I want to make it cost some TU.
  6. Not sure about how exactly psi was implemented in Xenonauts, but in original X-com, aliens were supposed to only target soldiers that are/have been in their line of sight (aliens had temporal memory/vision of your troops for several turns after sighing). But due to buggy implementation once even one of your soldiers/vehicles got sighted the whole team could be targeted by psi attacks. Community projects like UFOExtender later fixed that, and made some additional tweaks, such as: Alien Psi Attack Fix: Aliens will only remember the location of an unseen target for 1 turn. Of course, a successful Psionic Attack may renew this memory. Without such fixes it was incredibly annoying to face alien psi, because it led to pure RNG: basically, anyone of your soldiers could have been psi attacked anywhere at any time. Also, it helped to incorporate Psi into tactics layer, instead of being above it. Moving forward, I think, Xenonauts 2 should learn from this and implement Alien Psi properly. I'm against having human psi abilities, but it's just a matter of preference: I prefer realism in tactics, and think human psi strays into power fantasy territory
  7. Slider2k

    [X:CE 0.33 HF1] Grenades through walls

    Looks like this bug will never get fixed?
  8. No mention that close range accuracy bonus is drastically reduced from 12% to 7% per tile. Was unpleasantly surprised when riding a shotgun. I mean, close range bonus is what makes shotguns viable. The last thing I want when sticking a shotgun up xeno's ass is a high chance to miss. On a closer inspection it turns out this change is in XCE base config. WTH? I thought XCE base claimed to be balance tweaks free.