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    Been playing computer games almost 3 decades. My first memories are from the golden 80´s when me and my brother got Commodore 64 and thats when my enthusiasm towards video games and playing got started and im still on that path. Kid forever.
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  1. Tomorrow is Sunday, any news on the build? How about patch notes? Cant wait!!
  2. KOKON, did you know that Mitsubishi has a car model named Pajero? AKA also Shogun or Montero. Did you also know what it means in spanish? If not, check it out, you might just get surprised.. So lets not waste time thinking if some object name is bad or rude in some language, you cant possibly please every soul on this planet..
  3. Hmm.. might be just that. I just started playing this the same way like i played XCOM, maybe i should take a little bit more easily at the beginning.. That was my thought also. That i know also, as i did that a lot with the original XCOM. I just forgot selling those. Have to try again with more tight budget..
  4. I was playing Xenonauts and as almost out of money, i had only $120000. Luckily it was soon the end of the month so i figured that "No problem, i get soon couple million dollars". When the end of the month came, it showed me that funding screen and total funding +2.xxx.xxx dollars. Then i was surprised how my total money were -$150000. Now that aint right, is it? I should have get over 2 million dollars cash. Now i was on negative cash and basically that ended my game. That CANT be right??
  5. Hmm.. might just be that. Well, good that this is cleared up.
  6. Helped me too. Had the same issue but now ive had visible aliens and reaction fire. Thx yawa!
  7. Yes thats what i meant. And what i tested, it occurs with every weapon. But you can test it obviously only after a mission and when youre done it once, the carried weight number wont change anymore until next time you come back from mission.
  8. What? The original XCOM? No it wasnt. It was published for PC.
  9. Ok, but its not about double weight with this issue, only few kilograms change so i dont think this is the same thing.
  10. If game shows for example that carried weight is 32kg with some soldier and then if i click the weapon carried as i do when changing weaponry and then put it instantly back in soldiers hand, the carried weight number changes. I tried this with all my soldiers and it did this. For example that 32kg dropped to 27kg. Shouldnt obviously be like that?
  11. I dont completely understand that. I cant find caesan/weapon directory, i have only caesan/noncombatant/weapon directory.
  12. I have also encountered invisible aliens. Game tells me that theres an alien somewhere but all i can see is the ground shadow of an alien. I can also aim at it. but i cannot fire because the aim grid wont turn red and stays gray. I killed one with bazooka or similar. I can put a screenshot next time i encounter one.
  13. Happened here also twice. Both times i exited or entered a building. Game just freezes but mouse pointer works. Can hear the sound effect when trying to select something but thats about it.
  14. Nah, i suck at MMO strategy games so badly that i mostly play for example CoH with couple of my friends and we team up and play against computer. I know, quite "nerdy" way to play but none of us likes to play against humans so that serves us well. Other online games are different, i love racing against other people and havent raced against AI for a long time. Besides, i like to keep my Steam friend list short and include only people with whom i interact in real life also. Just like my Facebook. EDIT: Oh, what the heck, why not...