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  1. wow..thats amazing...you guys really did a great job with mod and tech tree... it is simple and easy to understand(the tech tree) the mod is hard...which i like and approve of very much...
  2. lol....proves how much of a noob i am when it comes to this mod.... i thought i was doing well defeating scouts with two condors but i guess that was just a fantasy
  3. Weapon sergeant??? yes i think so.... but i think it also requires the other certain sebilians especially for higher "marks"...general rule(for me): if you can capture anything special do it.. stun grenades unlock when you capture a caesan medic and researched.....you can shock baton him to do it but the easier way to capture caesans is pick up their lightning rifles during battle and shooting them in the back for stun and so that their shield will be useless
  4. I feel the the dedicated fighters(with 2 cannon hardpoint) are so much better than the fighter( cannon and light hardpoint) in every phase both against larger and smaller UFOs.....is this supposed to be intended??.... can someone tell me how you use the both fighters in the air battles??
  5. If i installed the mod in a new pc do i only have to use the latest update or i have to update every single one before doing the latest??
  6. I dont want to use shotguns....especially against those reapers that zombify you
  7. 3 questions only @Charon or anybody who can answer. 1. How many stun rockets needed to stun reaper? 2. What are pre requisites for mk3 lasers? 3. How to get advanced medkits?
  8. How do you stun reapers...(I've used like 3 stun rockets and its just breathing it like oxygen) and what are the needed techs for mark 3 lasers??
  9. There is a very large (usually) ugly xenomorph waiting for you when you shoot the zombie down............................ First time i encountered one of those already knew what they'll do cause I watched the Aliens series...hahahaha
  10. Does anyone have this problem where aesirius doesnt show up as reasearch sometimes?? @Charon it all started missing when i repatched the game so i have the correct modloader
  11. @Charon There is a button for melee right? (m key i think)...What if melee weapons are carried and when we press (m) it just uses that as a attack yet uses the weapon's stats and decreases TU....is it possible?......(just an opinion to improve the melee weapons since its being balanced)
  12. Hey guys any tips on capturing sebilians without use of stun gas???
  13. Disregard my previous post the save game is corrupted...tested out new game aesirius came up quickly....dont know why in previous savefile research for it did not come out
  14. Whats the pre-requisite for aesirius or other future fighter crafts....I'm already corvette stage phase 1 yet still no aesirius......happened since i installed the patch ... aesirius for me is missing Some lore are also missing like the "knowledge about airfights" so its probably connected with my issue even though i managed to capture all alies
  15. Hey is my modloader now correct??