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  1. Great mod. Very much looking forward to the full release, though it's already full of stuff! To offer two points of criticism, if that's okay... first up, the load order is very confusing, as the list on page 1 doesn't start from 1 and in the same page you posted that the load order is incorrect. I found a load order on Nexus that I hope is correct, and while I know it's still in beta, having to look around just to find a simple load order is a massive thing that will turn off a lot of people who try this mod, myself almost included. Second point - the grammar is definitely lacking in the Xenopedia entries, and it really destroys a lot of the immersion. I know it sounds like a silly thing to point out but it definitely pulls me out of the Xenonauts world when I'm reading a lot of "then" instead of "than" and a lot of misplaced punctuation is here, there and everywhere. I'm sure a run through with Word or something would dramatically help the situation, or if the entries are shown to someone who is particularly skilled at English. Apart from that, I adore the mod and it's really made me love Xenonauts ten times more. Thanks a lot!