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  1. yep. this is fun) for sure i understand. mod great without it also not clear why sentinel1 in some points better then sentinel 2 (kinetic, props, chemical, coneangle)? <Armour MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="name" MODMERGE="update" name="armour.sentinel"> <Resistance kinetic="100" energy="110" chemical="70" incendiary="55" /> <VisualParams range="22" coneAngle="135" nightRangeBonus="2" /> <PsionicDefence defence="80" points="20" degradation="3" /> <Special jumpPack="1" jumpPackSound="SentinelJetpackSound" /> <Props moveSpeed="350" stairsMoveSpeed="180" vaultMoveSpeed="24" /> </Armour> <Armour MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="name" MODMERGE="insert" name="armour.sentinel_2"> <Resistance kinetic="95" energy="110" chemical="60" incendiary="60" /> <VisualParams range="23" coneAngle="130" nightRangeBonus="3" /> <PsionicDefence defence="80" points="30" degradation="3" /> <Special jumpPack="1" jumpPackSound="SentinelJetpackSound" /> <Props moveSpeed="300" stairsMoveSpeed="180" vaultMoveSpeed="24" /> </Armour> <Armour MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="name" MODMERGE="insert" name="armour.sentinel_3"> <Resistance kinetic="125" energy="150" chemical="80" incendiary="70" /> <VisualParams range="24" coneAngle="140" nightRangeBonus="4" /> <PsionicDefence defence="100" points="30" degradation="3" /> <Special jumpPack="1" jumpPackSound="SentinelJetpackSound" /> <Props moveSpeed="300" stairsMoveSpeed="180" vaultMoveSpeed="24" /> </Armour>
  2. dear team. some points below. xenopedia. -i sure need some descriptions, and since this need a lot of time, probably stats for armors and VW should be in first prioryty. now - no clear picture fo armors (what bonus give alfa or predator? what penalty? ) -if it possible i sure will be good to remove some pages from pedia xenos alien shock weapon series looks UP, since it non letal and since hi resist in most armor tipes. in same time alien blood (etc) weapons - one shot. p.s. anty mater pistol time to time crit for 200-300 dmg (eaven in phase 3 and 4). today i crit andron near 1500 (yep 1500) is it ok?
  3. In gold sign color nope? probably my mistake
  4. Gauss all, pulse all, rail mk1, sonik all mk3 exept rifle and canon
  5. Not work, Vw Sonik mg Vw rail mg Spiritwolf sprite with timberwolf weapon bugged (same as for howertank)
  6. Also as i remember in vanila alien icons at the right side, was different colors for regular and leaders, is it possible make checking fo captured and not in similar way
  7. Im go in normal and , was hard in p1 ok in p2 and all is easy on p3. Now i just allow alien only construction runs. and havnt no terror and mybase runs in this game. Also one point about chem granades as i seen they rly op in both sides. as exemple aliens can kill 3-4 men in one shoot using blood weapons or granades, other weapons for aliens much less usefull.
  8. Hi all) Now near end of p3, and since i take 2nd fortess as i understand i near finish if sientists work. And... This hard to explain, but 1 70% of reserches do nothing 2 90% of each phase reserches possible to finish in 20-30% of phase time, so all other time you only repeat ufo farm.... (I have near 150 sientists)
  9. electron sniper - in description 2 fire modes 65% and 90% tu, in fact only one 65%tu
  10. one more piont now at ph3 - i have more than 1000 light fibre, and no any way to use it. in ph1 light fibre is hard to recive, and produce. probably not bad - rise lf from ph1/2 aliens, and reduce (especialy from androns) for ph3 also predator series armor - maybe ad some melee weapons? now any guy may give up weapon from alien body, when ammo go end, exept unluck dudes in predator armor
  11. one more q what for i need toxic core and toxin glands?
  12. probably not bad idea add some special weapons like emp canon? also explosion radius from alenium canon is too great as for me)
  13. aloso strange bug. spirit wolf base weapon - gauss, but if i try to chenge it - i must chenge to MAG. (since i havnt gauss tech)
  14. hm i find save but only at start, ) it was hard but i do it) new_113.sav yep a lot of s/l for sure.
  15. Hi team! Now start phase 3. So some new (or not) points below. -Bug – cannot use sonic minigan (VW) -Since I keep one alien base from game start it grow up to fortes, and in the middle of phase 2, I capture it. As result I take sonic weapon, preator (live), and some other things from phase (4)? -as for me prod mechanic is rly disbalansed. Minigans and canons not uber weapons for all categories. Yep probably not bad… But to produce them – price in core is to high. And it similar with all other team higest weapons. -as I say before AM 1/2 pistol is OP! super long range, 16%AP, high demage, penetration… I try all oter postols and smg, but no any reasons to use them. (in same moment AM sniper crap, during high ammo weight, rifle ok, minigan so-so) Armors. -Why do not allow use RL in predator armor? -sentinel armor – as for me not better then alfawolf. Since alfa give ap bonus. Shock grenades. - is great weapon, especially in new craft system (when taking warriors is also needed time to time). And as for me they make shock weapons, and buttons unusable