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  1. When completing an Airstrike on a crash site the crash site immediately disappears from the map without the usual popup message and no cash received. It seems to work fine with new games but has happened multiple times after you save the game.
  2. I've also experienced a bug where I couldn't issue orders to interceptors already in flight.
  3. The laser pistol description says ammo capacity 15 shots but, it only has 9.
  4. Is this an installable Mod for 1.05?
  5. A C130 is actually a rather small fixed-wing aircraft vs a Chinook which is a very large helicopter (both about 100 feet long). They both hold more/less about 5 dozen troops, so from a game perspective I think you could keep the number of squad members you are transporting the same - one of the reasons I believe this presents the best option for another dropship if we are wishful thinking. The advantage for me is one of range/speed and flexibility, 200mph/450 miles/VTOL vs 350mph/2,500 miles/parachute/can land on the smallest and poorest of runways. In the game you drastically cut the Chinook range from what it is now and you extend the C130 range beyond what the Chinook is now. Although I agree I don't see the artwork/development will come from this for the tactical map. But, maybe for the world map a C130 icon vs Chinook icon with parachutes and flares on the tactical map (which I think would also add to the game play by having to work with your squad spread out over the map vs being deployed from a single location - in addition to not having the option of taking a vehicle).
  6. I'm in favor of any options that introduces more ballistic weapons into the game. For me considering the timeline of the game the ideal sub-machine gun would be a "Special-K."
  7. I'm all for realism as long as it does not interfere with game play (fun). I think the reservation I would have about airlift, then chopper, is the added logistical time constraint. A C-130 certainly doesn't have the landing flexibility of a Chinook so maybe for the missions with small-medium crash sites you have to parachute, large crash sites you land. Since I am wishful thinking I will also take the option to upgrade to a AC-130 Gunship.
  8. From a quick read I both agree and disagree. From a realism standpoint the Chinook speed and range is already excessive (although from a game play perspective I understand why). IF the desire is to have the ability to transport farther earlier in the game and no development hurdles exist then my suggestion would be to add the option to buy C130's, unlike some of the other aircraft mentioned these don't need either a lot nor an especially "good' runway to land and offer the best fixed winged flexibility comparable to a helicopter landing. Also in keeping with the game timeline C130's have been in extensive operation with numerous countries since the 50/60's.
  9. Welcome peirceg. I'm in favor of NPC pilots, here is a related thread where pilots were discussed that you might be interested in.
  10. I also never felt the need to increase status though extra or artificial actions in the original games. I vaguely recall reading somewhere in the forums that the existing training system might be toned down a bit not expanded? I'd like to split the difference. In the Game Boy Advance game Rebelstar: Tactical Command I remember training simulator missions against robots which you could use to improve specific stats by engaging in related actions (shooting etc.) I'd welcome similar to practice what tactics work for my style of game play as well as increasing stats while avoiding "running around" a mission map just because.
  11. I think this is one aspect where gameplay must win over realism; stuff happens BUT I would like to be able to shoot over someone crouched down in the tile immediately adjacent to me without worrying about blowing their head off by accident.
  12. I agree... I would rather point a rocket then a motion tracker and if I remember reading right, somewhere it was pointed out that destruction of buildings should be possible? Bonus.
  13. I haven't yet seen this, but find it a welcome addition - although I think NPC's be they farmers (shotgun), police (pistol), etc. should only be equipped with appropriate human weapons. Maybe the military might have some greater flexibility but I should think Xenonauts would have exclusive access to the best human/alien hybrid weapons available.