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  1. Seems to have been going for a while. Are there any alternative sites from where to download mods/the CE? Thanks PS: In the meanwhile and for anyone trying to install and run X-Division, needing therefore its files +CE files for the previous version, you can find it in the CE .34 thread. In the second page, if I recall correctly, you can find links for all needed files. Cheers
  2. Damn it. I'm an idiot. That's where I got it before. *facepalm* I simply never tried using the forum links and, for some reason, downloaded directly from the download section. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi. First message on these forums. I was playing Xenonauts CE for a couple of weeks, but then tried to mess with the soldier's fotos, really messed up and had to re-install the game. I then tried to come to this page and follow the links in order to download CE, but every time I click said links I go directly to the main forum page. O.o Help? Thanks.
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