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  1. Just doublechecked the loading screen -- I am in fact playing the .41 version, and getting my ass kicked... LOTS of surprises! Thanks for the props on proper bug reports. Maybe you could guess I've done a bit of user-acceptance testing between epic bouts of xeno genocide?
  2. Another bug report (sorry, @Charon & team...) This is an intermittent bug, hard to reproduce. I figured it out after a handful of force-quit, load, try again attempts. Reproduction steps: Identify one of two types of Xenomorph (facehugger OR what looks like a xeno drone but with a gold face) Advance a soldier into an adjacent tile as though you're about to conk the alien with a shock stick SOMETIMES (1 of 4 or 5 attempts?) the game will freeze -- totally locked, must force-quit from outside Xenonauts and try again This ONLY happens at melee range, in adjacent tiles. Possibly occurs more often when xenomorph FACES the soldier rather than facing away. I'll try some variations and see whether I can detect a pattern. I THINK the xenomorphs are attempting a reaction attack at melee range, and a missing asset (animation, sound effect?) freezes the game. Save file attached. There's a gold-faced drone in the southeast corner of the central building, and a facehugger somewhere on the second floor of the same building. Mod loader: Guys, I really hope these bug reports don't bring you down. I'm having a blast playing and writing up bug reports make me feel like I'm contributing in however minuscule a fashion. Again - thanks! mid-combat 2.sav
  3. Bug report: Like the old medkits, Axe Mk-1 (possibly all two-handed melee weapons?) can be duplicated, and overwrite whatever's in the secondary hand. Reproduction steps: Open inventory Drag Axe Mk-1 into primary hand (it registers as a one-hand item, like the knives do) Close inventory You'll note the equipment tile changes to reflect only one two-handed item, the Axe Mk-1 Open inventory again Drag axe from secondary hand to ground NOTE: This is totally not a big deal -- I'm already used to the workarounds from the old medkits. However since you were able to fix the medkit 1-or-2-hand issue, this might also be an easy fix. Mod loader: As always, thanks for your hard work! I'm having a blast!!! axes can be duplicated.sav
  4. Did this earlier -- see about 3 messages above. Please let me know if I can shed further details.
  5. I'm still in Phase 1. During my last play-through I disabled the Easy Airgame mod and got about 28 pilots killed before I started learning some air-to-air tactics... So here's what I do: Send in 2-3 Aserius armed with Mauser (then Gatling Laser), and/or Fighter Beam. If the adversary has a fighter escort, throttle back and loiter outside primary target's range. Escort races forward. Engage them 3:1 until they're destroyed. Break left and right, full afterburner, staying mostly outside primary target's weapons envelope. Leave one fighter loitering out front as bait. Take left and right around behind primary's weapons arc, throttle way back, and empty all weapons, then run away. If that isn't enough to take down the primary, send a second squadron of 1 Aserius + 1 Foxtrot to finish the job. This same left-right-bait tactic works well with 2 Aserius + 1 Foxtrot, so long as I DON'T use the Foxtrot as bait. If the Fox can get outside the target's engagement envelope, then he can idle the engines and launch torpedoes at maximum range without much risk. Vs. Heavy Carriers and anything that shoots drones -- I've kept my fighters alive WAY longer than should be possible by barrel-rolling at the very-last-second away from the drones. I end up with fighters dragging tails of 10+ drones in big loopy circles all around the primary target, occasionally getting a few hits in. (I really don't recommend this, though -- it's super dangerous, but a good backup when your Antimissile doesn't connect.) Mostly, the aliens target whichever of your aircraft is closest. You've just gotta be like a close-up magician: give them something to focus on while the REAL work happens off to the sides.
  6. Mkay, here goes: Specs: attached. Run as administrator: Yes. Then I updated the exe file properties to always run as administrator, and confirmed the exe had full read/write/execute privileges. Tried again with same result. Antivirus: No antivirus alerts popped up. (I run BitDefender if that's any assistance.) Error message: attached. Another computer: No -- just using the one PC for everything, work + play. Please note I'm not complaining -- just want you to be aware of a possible issue. If it's working for everyone else then it's clearly NOT a critical issue.
  7. WOAH... Started my first alien base assault last night and I was shocked, shocked to see civilians in the base. Thought it was a bug and made a save specifically to report the bug. Then. OMFG Wraiths popping up everywhere, Caesan terror soldiers firing new, interesting, multi-colored beams at me which led to a spit-take moment: I couldn't help but imagine how the rest of the squad would feel when Major Hachisuka, veteran of 24 combat drops including the liberation of both Dakar and Seoul from alien terror attacks, the most decorated Xenonaut of the alien invasion, ABSOLUTELY LOSES HIS SHIT less than two minutes into the mission: "That's it, man -- game over, GAME OVER! What the fuck are we gonna do now?" I have NO IDEA if I can win this mission even taking save/load spamming into account. Having a total blast trying, though!
  8. Hey Charon -- Thanks for this! It's not even my birthday... I couldn't get the installer to run (Windows error) so I used 7zip to extract & overwrite files. Really excited to test the new changes out! (Though in my current game, I'm stuck in Phase 1 with nothing bigger than a bomber corvette to shoot down -- though I've endured 2 terror attacks and a base assault so far. Haven't seen an officer... yet.)
  9. How delightfully mysterious... Can't wait to see what something turns out to be!
  10. Hey Charon -- 1. After posting, I realized I might've left out a step -- IIRC I tried to put the reaper body in the PFC's hands initially rather than in the backpack... Maybe that somehow triggered the duplicate-medikit bug?? 2. Wasn't sure about the AWACS mod, so I left it in. 3. Of course I don't mind you answered. Just assumed you've got PLENTY on your to-do list without chasing after super-low-priority, non-critical bugs. PS -- having a TOTAL blast on my first terror mission!
  11. Bug report (haven't seen this anywhere on the thread so please forgive if this is a duplicate...) 1. Clubbed a reaper down with shock sticks. 2. Terrified one of my PFCs might accidentally frag the precious body with a mis-thrown grenade, I dispatched a rookie to carry the body back to the Chinook. 3. Emptied the mule's backpack onto the ground and loaded the reaper into the backpack... 4. WHOOPS! 1 TU left?!?! Guess I'd better drop... 5. -- wait a sec, there's ANOTHER reaper body on the ground?? I've attached a save file and here's the modloader screenshot, with active mods highlighted. No action/response necessary -- just wanted to do my due diligence as a beta tester... duplicated reaper.sav
  12. SUPER excited to see even more progress!! Question: pedr0's swamp & tropical tileset recommended? I see you have it activated in your mods list screenshot, but not on the Requirements list. (If you do recommend it, the latest version referenced in the forum is 1.4, and you have 1.6 installed -- where to get??) I can't wait to fire this up... The world ain't gonna save itself!!
  13. General feedback for Charon/team: Once again, TOTALLY LOVING this mod! The tech tree's amazing, the utility of wreckages/corpses/recovered weapons/captured units makes the game a LOT more interesting than vanilla. Also I confess I'm a hardcore weapons geek and I really love the diversity of loadouts. Ground combat is usually tough, which I appreciate. Air combat can be BRUTAL since I stopped using the easy airgame patch. Brutal, not impossible... a worthy challenge. Specific thoughts: Katana Mk 1 and Axe Mk 3 are BADASS. Specifically the katana has a super-low TU per attack enabling multiple attacks per round, which might be overpowered, but it's a freaking KATANA. Pulse rifles and pulse heavy have TU per-shot costs way out of line with the rest of the weapons I've seen (just researched Gauss and a couple Mk 3 Pulse weapons). As a player, I LOVE this. Don't know whether it's properly balanced. Corsairs have brought down the vast majority of all enemy UFOs -- even the larger ones. After Phase 1, I've pretty comprehensively failed to use torpedoes effectively. Like, my Lancers spend more time in pieces than together. I suspect that's MY issue rather than the game's. I cheat (save & load every time an important soldier gets blown up) which results in commanders with 50+ missions and 90+ kills. I'd like higher-level medals (even if there's no in-game benefit) to celebrate their epic achievements. Strongly doubt anyone who's NOT cheating like I do legitimately gets 90+ kills with a single soldier... Resource constraints: I definitely went through periods where I was strapped for alien alloys which delayed rollout of advanced technology. Overall, though, the only really hard-to-find resource has been energy cores (haven't found a use yet for toxic/chem or anti- cores...) Predator can't equip in-mission-scavenged alien heavy weapons -- feature or bug? If the former, consider noting it in the Xenopedia: "Due to the heavy reinforcement of the gloves, Predator armor cannot equip any alien technology scavenged on the battlefield -- sorry, Commander. I suggest your grunt pick the biggest gun s/he can carry out of the arsenal and stick with it for the entire mission..." If bug, well, now you know. Totally LOVE the Alphawolf armor (and the science team's comments on its more manly palette...) I really didn't keep detailed notes during my sessions, so these are impressions more than anything else. Wanted to chime in and say, "Awesome work keep it up!!" Can't wait to see what you're going to do next!
  14. Hello and welcome! I had the same reaction initially. I used the "Easy Airgame" patch the first time I played because I didn't really think the air combat added to my overall enjoyment. I always used "Autoresolve" Second play-through, I decided NOT to use the Easy Airgame patch. So here's what I learned: 1. It is DIFFICULT but NOT IMPOSSIBLE to bring down small UFOs with only F17s. 2. You need strategy. Flying straight at the bad guys and shooting till one side crashes isn't good enough. I found that a pincer-type plan works pretty well. Once you get one or two interceptors behind a UFO's firing arc, you can more or less park there and fire till you run out of ammo. 3. Build LOTS OF HANGARS. I seem to remember Charon saying his first base has 9 hangars. Like, LOTS. Because you might need 6 or 8 F17s to bring down early UFOs. (And later in the game, you'll get outmatched and appreciate being able to send 2-4 waves of aircraft against the big bads.) Random aside: did you ever wonder why the ancient Greeks had 2 gods of war? Ares and Athena were BOTH worshipped for their battle-winning powers. Ares was the god of slaughter, of berserker rage, of charging and smashing. Athena was the goddess of planning, of strategy, of Sun Tzu-style plotting before acting. In order to win ANY fight when you're outclassed in technology, you either need to become Athena or have a near-infinite Mordor-sized horde of cannon fodder to throw at your enemies. I find Athena to be vastly more interesting and entertaining whether I win or lose.