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  1. gravs compared to alenium do 150dmg to aleniums 480 but can launch all 20 in about the same time as the 4 alenium can (or most of them). lancers it is then. gonna keep the foxtrot because i will need may crashed ufos to rebuild my airforce with new crafts.
  2. hmm thanks, i was thinking to build another airport-base loaded with planes (already have one that has only planes and defensive batteries). another question, are the lancers with gravity torpedoes better than the foxtrots with alenium ones?
  3. im trying to down a terror battleship in phase 2, killed its escort but im having constant ctds when i send 2 sodas and a foxtrot (game crashes when soda dies). i have managed to damage it up tp 36% but i dont have any more planes to sent.what else i can do?i have unlocked and use gravity torpedoes and the lancer aircraft.
  4. when should i attack alien bases?if i take too long they become fotresses.
  5. so i assault a base -2nd round 6 wraiths teleport inside the starting room and kill 7 of my men -next round doors open and ceasans kill my tank and my last man. the same happened with the other races,with the lizards i get team wipe out by the second round as the bullsomething come in and turn them to zombies. and this is just an outpost.
  6. i also need to add that at the end of each month i end with more money from what i had before even if my relations with most countries is poor.
  7. i dont know its a bug but i dont loose money in the geoscape,when i buy buildings/equipement i loose the appropriate amount but in the geoscape i dont loose anything. is this normal?
  8. hello,which one mod pack i should use?i see the one in this page and another made by charon.
  9. engineers can spawn in scouts?
  10. i have all of the above.
  11. i tested with a sebilian many times but he always gets killed,in the ground there is a sebillian corpse instead of a body if i stun it.im doing this before i get batons to see if i can get a capture that way. i researched alien tech plus ceaser engineer but didnt get shock weapons,what else i need to do?
  12. is it possible to stun with the shotgun?or firing with the shotgun results to kills always?
  13. i have captured a lizard sergeant and every ceasar specialist,but i still cant make new weapons.the lizard was a pain because lizards dont carry stun weaponry.lizards have more specialist?they are either pink(sergeant) or green (grunt). recapturing the same specialist gives anything?