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  1. I'm kinda sad that there's almost no discussion around this topic and these suggestions... I kinda hoped that if I share these things here on the forum there would be more response to them.
  2. An important note on difficulty. It always felt to me that making combat difficult by making soldiers weak does not fit into the lore at all. How is it an organization like that does not get the pick of the best soldiers?? It's so much better to make the combat difficult by other means. Soldiers should be the best of the best, with some room to improve of course, but not much room. It should be that soldiers can measure up to aliens only by applying their technology and abilities (psionics) against them. Aliens should absolutely be SUPERIOR to humans on the battlefield. They should be scary even with the best soldiers of the Earth. I wrote here previously about some suggestions for alien abilities, and those abilities and probably many others should make the combat hard, deep, and the victory rewarding. Going on a combat mission always should be a real RISK of losing soldiers. It would present a price for the reward of the missions. Bombing crash and landing sites from afar should have it's merit, in being a much safer option (and not just an escape from the repetitiveness of the combat). Otherwise missions turn repetitive, when they are too easy to complete. And as it is now the combat is too easy and predictable indeed. Addition: Lizards with their regeneration should easily shrug off even grenades, growing limbs back in mere minutes. If this could be done visually, it would make the combat incredibly interesting. Killing lizards should be VERY HARD. Like "bullets alone are not enough" hard. Maybe also give them an incredible speed, just like many lizards do have, maybe even make them run on all four legs..like lizards. That should make them incredibly scary and alien, as they should feel. Androns also have to be extremely tough, otherwise in X1 they felt as much worse version of what Boston Dynamics does today. Speed and extreme armor should be their thing. Wraith could teleport away from the attacks, making it extremely hard to catch and hit them. Maybe it's necessary to research some kind of counter to their ability to teleport. They should 100% do sneaky stuff like teleporting near a soldier attacking and teleporting away immediately. That will make them really alien and superior to pitiful primitive humans. Praetors while dying might emit a psionic pulse that kills and psychologically breaks many soldiers. That would make the player reconsider doing it until he can research some psionic protection.
  3. Maybe sounds should sound louder/quieter according to the distance their source is. Hearing UFO sounds from across the map is not very immersive in my impression.. Running sounds can be more varied. It all sounds very..monotonous, repetitive. My brain is noticing that it's the same sound over and over again. Maybe slowing down the running just a little bit can give the movement more weight. Especially if the movement speed is dependent on how encumbered the soldier is. Two modes of movement walking and running, and also moving while crouched – can give the combat even more flexibility. P.S. Noticed an animated palm tree – NICE : ) More details like that will help bring the maps to life.))
  4. Another thought about combat depth: it would be cool if aliens had immunity to some things, like some of them have superb vision so they can not be blinded by smoke and they see extremely well in darkness, others have very high brain function and control over instincts and are immune to suppression, some might telepathically sense humans and know where everyone is at all times and attack intelligently and maybe those aliens have evolved telepathic defense – when attacking them it's incredibly hard to see and think clearly (you get huge morale and accuracy penalty)... These can be discovered through combat experience and researched to find out the reasons, be the part of lore too. In any case I think aliens should have superior senses to humans and be more proficient at fighting. Otherwise they feel like ordinary familiar opponent – which is NOT what aliens should feel like. Aliens should feel ALIEN. (On that note: lizard-men are probably done so to not animate snake-like movement, but seeing snakes actually was awesome. However I might dislike XCOM the remake – they did snakes and hybrids well.)
  5. About visibility. Here's a screen from JA2 1.13: This can be shown by holding down a key, but it's not shown by default. First thing is that it is better for the tension to not display cones of view by default. Second thing is that in JA2 not all visible tiles are visible 100%, which also adds to realism. Please make the option to disable the visibility cone and make the map discovered from the start (no fow).
  6. On another note: interrupts should be a thing, meaning reaction shots should occur far more often, especially from the side of aliens. Reaction shots should be far more probable with more TUs left over. Moving in the field of view of the enemy SHOULD NOT feel safe, there should be a constant danger of enemies reacting to your movement and actions. This will make the combat flow much more naturally, organically. Especially feeling safe when moving close to aliens – takes away from the feeling of danger and threat so much. Aliens should be scary and always stronger than the player, maybe only in the endgame player coming to capability of effectively resisting them, as an equal. This thread turned into my own diary of suggestions : )... So be it.) I'll be leaving them here, and maybe they'll even be useful to the devs. EDIT: Another note on this. In JA2 the interrupts are more complex. When the player interrupts the enemy's turn he can do anything with the TUs left over, move or perform actions, and manually, they are not automatic like reaction fire in X. But of course the interrupt might get interrupted itself, and the enemy will continue their turn. All in all that system made combat flow very engaging. Idk what exactly new JA2 1.13 mod brought to the interrupt system, they have made some improvements to it, and I definitely like what they did.
  7. Also, there should be different appropriate body types for different soldiers, in combat as well as in the soldier equipping screen. Right now they feel like clones with no gender on the battlemap, absolutely devoid of distinctive traits (tiny sized variations in hair color are not enough, especially when they are not seen at all under the helmet). Well, in the equipment screen it's the same. Details like this make A LOT of difference.
  8. @mclang Btw, by squares I meant these walls of bushes and these impenetrable walls of trees. Why not make it so that trees and bushes grow sporadically-naturally and it's possible to move among them (meaning separate trees and bushes)?? Why divide the map into these unnatural sections?? In my view the battles would feel so much more engaging when the threat can come from any direction. Of course AI should be able to simulate intelligent behavior, like flank, attack from the rear, sneak, etc. These walls of trees feel like Age of Empires 2 : ) I don't think they are apposite in a tactical combat. You gave an example from real life shooting. I will give an example from Operation Flashpoint, since I don't have combat experience : ) In that game cover is sporadic and natural, bushes are not solid cover, they are just concealment (and not a perfect concealment). Unless you are behind a wall, or a bag of sand, you are not in cover, and even in cover the feeling of safety is partial. So the situation when trees and bushes present a solid 100% cover from bullets and other weapons – is ridiculous. Bullets should penetrate even walls, if they are powerful enough. And a tree can present only a very partial cover. Open spaces make combat unpredictable and engaging. Unless there are some limitations on the game engine capabilities, these should 100% be replaced by more natural environments.
  9. Not for me. I don't see how it would slow down things. All of what you write is interesting. I guess it is a matter of taste what each individual enjoys. And whereas I have a clear preference between the two games, it varies. BUT. Even when comparing Xenonauts to the original X-Com in my impression combat comes up short – it does not have the same tension, for some reason, for me. Simply put Xenonauts 1 combat is boring for me. XNT mod for it improved A LOT in combat, it felt tense and engaging, but it still lacked the variety of JA2. So I guess to each their own, and games are just what they are, and it can not be changed. Devs have their own vision, and they make it come true. If X2 will be extremely moddable, as is JA2 I guess, it might give ones like me to try and apply our own tastes to the game and share it with others. For now it's still a long wait ahead and we'll see how it will turn out. I just thought I'd share my own two cents.
  10. Well, those walls of green bushes ARE unimmersive. And make the game predictable and the combat TOO EASY to control. Have you ever seen it in real life like that? Maybe a garden with some bushes like that somewhere, but definitely not every map. Open spaces with NATURAL barriers, like buildings, trees that are not a solid wall (which is again unrealistic) but instead individual trees you can walk among, big rock formations where they are appropriate – that is what makes the game immersive. NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS are the key to the immersion. I am not saying filed of view should change, I am saying that if it's not indicated by the grey fog of war it'll be more tense, and attacks and enemy appearance will be more surprising. After all, in real life we can't see what we can't see. Tell me this, do you prefer the way visibility works in JA2, or in Xenonauts? I definitely prefer how JA2 does it. Making it easier is precisely unrealistic. But maybe that's the point really, that most people prefer it easier. It's just the trend, making everything obvious and indicated, which incredibly takes away from immersion. In this case also, do you prefer how JA2 does it, or Xenonauts? I prefer how JA2 does grenades. You can not calculate exact impact radius of a grenade, and JA2 1.13 actually makes it have not just explosion radius, but also shrapnel. I unequivocally prefer how it's done in JA2, it is by far more immersive. Because for me if I don't see in life the radius of a grenade, then I shouldn't see it in a game, if I want it to feel immersive. Well, the line itself is unnecessary. Instead the things that block the shot could be shown, "highlighted" so to speak. Again, it instead should be intuitive, not indicated. This makes the game too simulator-like, and unimmersive. But hey, I can't argue with the devs trying to give people what people want, but if that is what people want, easy and uncomplicated...that's not my thing at all. In JA2 the aiming cursor gets dark if the shot can't be made at all, but it does not show if anything is blocking the shot and "reducing the chance to hit", that is for the player to figure out intuitively, simply visually – and it is simple and easy without any indicators. In the JA2 1.13 the aiming cursor has been reworked, and it indicates very well in it's own way the chances to hit, without showing any percentages – if you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out (a side note: I prefer playing JA2 1.13 with Wildfire maps, they are better). Well, these unimmersive indicator visuals should be changed anyhow, in my view. And do you really prefer the way X2 does it, or do you prefer JA2's way?? I am really interested to know. Do you find the way JA2 does it hard to plan moves ahead, as you say?? It never felt that way to me. Well, I guess it's a matter of taste...or something. But I am sure if you tried playing it the way I describe it – you would love it. If not – then I guess devs are making exactly what people want, and it's just not my thing at all. In JA2 it shows the enemy turn progression, and afaik it's hardcoded. An indicator of "not player's turn" of some sort is okay, but NOT a giant screen saying "HIDDEN MOVEMENT". Actually a couple days ago I saw that OpenXcom has an option to disable that screen, it seems it was requested by many. Waiting for enemy to appear on their turn without the grey fow would create the tension the battles desperately need. I, for one, do not want them to be easy and predictable and plannable – that is not how combat works. No plan survives the contact with the enemy. And in JA2, no matter how prepared or tough I am, I always get unpleasant surprises – and it feels tough, and the victory feels deeply satisfying. Even the weakest of the enemies can kill the toughest of the mercenaries in JA2 – and that is how war works. It's frustrating and unforgiving. Anyway, thanks for your reply. You're the only one who responded at this point, and I am grateful. Very interested in you answers to my questions, hope you'll elaborate on those.
  11. @mclangSo I watched some X2 footage and it turns out some of the things I describe are already implemented, like some idle animations. But what I noticed immediately is the same square by square division of the map, which now feels like an apparent immersion-breaker – the structure of the map should be more realistic and natural, and it will HUGELY improve immersion. X-Com didn't have this separation into "sectors" by some unrealistic walls, it feels more like a battle simulator than a real battle. Death animations are kinda unimpressive, there is no weight to the falling body, it falls like a paper cutout. And it would be cool if effects were animated too, like suppression (cowering holdind one's head), being wounded (checking out the wound and being blooded), a shield breaking (soldier throwing the shield away and leaving it visible on the ground), etc. Also fog of war breaks immersion a lot in my view, both the black and the grey one – constantly seeing your blind spots takes away from the tension and suspense and not knowing the area does not make sense because you arrive seeing everything from bird's-eye view. Also there are no background noises, which makes the map silent like a sterile environment – animals, wind, water, etc., would make it feel so much more alive. I feel it's better to not show the area effect of grenades, it would feel much more realistic and unpredictable. And the smoke spreading slowly instead of instantly is more realistic and immersive too. This also applies to line of fire – it is better to not show it, it feels like actually aiming a weapon, the line breaks that immersion. This does not apply to movement, because it is more natural to plan the movement, but instead of a line it can be a "line" of some grey "footprints" which is more immersive. "Hidden movement" screen is also incredibly immersion breaking, it interrupts the flow of combat. Removing "Alien/Friendly activity" indicators also would make the combat flow so much better. Just everything happening with no "psychic" indications. That "beep" sound when an action can not be completed is better replaced by visual indications that it can not be done. Or some other more pleasant sound. Keep in mind that the footage I've seen is a few months old (it's of Closed Beta v17). And I would LOVE to see some indication that these suggestions are read by the developers, because I really want this game to be as good as it can get.
  12. I had a thought after looking at some footage of X1 to remind myself what it looked like – even moving vehicles were not animated, and I forgot about that, that made it all look more like a board game. I hope it'll feel more alive in X2 through animating all of the movements/actions, sounds of those movements/actions, and appropriate immersive background noise. When birds are chirping in JA2 I feel like I am in that forest down there... IDK what is responsible for that feeling, and my guess is that it all comes down to animated actions/movements and immersive sounds. The smoother the animations – more alive it feels. Although without idle animations it's probably much more difficult to do... IDK how the original X-Com managed to create a better atmosphere of the ground combat..it does have a unique somber atmosphere. X1 in my view did not transfer it's atmosphere very well to ground combat. But it's 30 years past the original, and I hope it's possible to bring more life to ground battle maps. Maybe, as an example, if soldiers turned their heads a bit from time to time, or shouldered/unshouldered their weapons from time to time, stuff like that – it's not exactly idle animations, but it would bring more life to the map. The same goes to stuff moving around the map, like civilians manipulating machinery and animals running around on their turn, many more civilians – that would too breathe some life into the surroundings and made it more immersive. I doubt that these things are going to be hard to do. And I hope they are done by the devs, and not expected from modders after release.
  13. I f-ing LOVED the lore and art and music of X1, I loved innovations in air combat, but the combat missions were sluggish and unengaging for me. I remember one of the mods improving on it, but nothing really came even close to the immersion of the combat of JA2 for me – everything about it was so thought through and balanced, it felt REALLY engaging. I would LOVE to see X2's combat resemble JA2 more. Granted JA2 combined real-time and turn-based and that had it's huge effect. I doubt smth like that will be implemented in X2, but still there are many other features and details that can be. So my question is for those who has played JA2, X1 and experienced the X2 beta – has combat become more dynamic, meaning more stuff happening in one turn, and does the battle map feel more alive now than before? The question is specifically about the pace of things, and about there being more available actions. (What I can think of in JA2 that made it's combat feel alive: standing/crouching/prone, stealth movement/fast movement, single/burst/auto firing and multitude of weapons, hearing enemies movements, hearing amplifier, idle animations, background sounds, movement/swimming sounds, it felt like shots echo across the map, wounded enemies leave blood trails, wounded enemies bleed out, enemies sneak/camp/react to what's happening – stupidly or intelligently according to their level, detection dependent on body position/lighting/camouflage/sunglasses/night-vision-goggles, time of day and appropriate lighting and sounds, weather like thunderstorms/sandstorms/etc with sounds, crows here and there that flied away, cool realistic death animations, shooting someone in a leg made them fall to the ground, aiming at different body parts legs/torso/head even in burst/auto mode, in burst/auto mode click and drag made shots spread, bullets flight felt fast realistic kinetic although visible, sounds of hits and enemies pain screams, all actions animated... I guess I could go on, but this is just what I could come up with off the top of my head. Also, and this one is HUGE – many actions could be performed in one turn, and time units were dependent on soldiers skill and state.) So I have this image in my head, as an example of how to make battlemaps more alive. For example in industrial style map I imagine theses huge animated cranes that keep loading/unloading cargo onto the ships, and maybe even crane operator civilians stop working and run if they hear shooting/combat; maybe even some forklifts on the ground doing something similar, moving cargo around; animated water would make it feel SO MUCH MORE alive. Or for countryside maps some cows grazing. And many more civilians running around in panic, this really makes the world feel more alive. In general more surroundings being animated with appropriate sounds would make the world feel more alive and immersive. JA2 did the animations only in real-time mode, but I feel that even in turn-based only mode of Xenonauts animations would feel appropriate, otherwise the world feels frozen and unimmersive. Maybe I am mistaken, who knows. Please share your points of view.
  14. trueman11

    First base layout modding

    Well, I was just looking into the vanilla gameconfig.xml and the one from XNT. This is in the X:CE gameconfig.xml. Not thorough enough. Thanks a lot.
  15. trueman11

    First base layout modding

    I am obviously missing something, because I can't find anything in gameconfig.xml that deals with the first base layout.