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    Line of fire at corners

    I think that might not be quite the case, check this thread and my response below the OP:
  2. pão

    Yellow/Black(grey) cover

    Decided to test this myself, here's the results with some screenshots: On this flat wall, on this side it shows the corner in the indicator as yellow, which provides 100% cover as the wall does: As far as I can tell, that tile is the one the wall is actually placed in. The other side shows the corner as grey, and in a mirrored scenario the corner provides no cover whatsoever: The empty tiles beside them have their colors in the indicator reversed for that corner: This behavior seems to be mostly consistent. There are however some oddities which I can't tell why they happen, like this wall corner that can't be leaned from: And this case with two different colors on each side: Overall, this doesn't seem to make much sense.