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    Introduction thread!

    Hello, I'm an operative from the French Xeno base and I'd like to thanks Chris for having sent me a key a few month ago, because of Desura retrieving feature being down. I should say that I disagree with him when he regrets such curvy UFO shapes and would have them more boxy, playable instead, because of path finding and LOS considerations. I sure can play with such bugs or hindrance, and love those saucers better than the original X-COM ones.
  2. Rodmar

    Silent Aliens

    To my own experience, I'd think there are sometimes too noisy! There's some sound management which I think could be enhanced in Xenonauts 2. For instance: some sounds shouldn't be heard all over the battlefield, always. This doesn't make much sense for reapers' attacks and mutations, doors (civilians), walking and breaking things inside UFOs (Androns). If possible, distance and direction (as regards to selected actor's position, and "north" direction) would be taken into consideration, or, if already the case, the attenuation factor would be greater. This would also imply a "volume" parameter for each sound that is played on the battlefield (e.g. small arms having a smaller value than C4). On the other hand, some aliens or classes of aliens could be more silent, so that they would mislead or ambush Xenonauts more easily (Spectres, Reapers?, Sebillians?). This could be a gameplay setting by the way.
  3. Rodmar

    Self Imposed Rules

    no smoke grenades only short range weapons (flame-throwers, carbines, pistol, grenades, w/w shield) only reaction fire (aka United Worlds PROtection FORce) I haven't played with these rules, though; only the first one because of oversight, and the third one to train soldiers at some point during a mission.
  4. Rodmar

    dropped gun

    I play the Steam vanilla edition and it's simple: when a soldier breaks, he drops whatever is in his hand slots at the place he is when he breaks. He doesn't run a while before dropping his weapon. There is no way to remember where he was before fleeing, save if you pay some attention to where the soldiers end their turn. Usually, it's under cover or at a firing/spotting place, so it's not at a random place.
  5. Bonjour, J'ai entrepris d'effectuer quelques correction mineures sur ce patch qui ne suit pas toujours les règles typographiques usuelles (acronymes au pluriel et ponctuation par exemple), ainsi que quelques imprécision ou oublis de traduction ("suppressed" par exemple, s'il figure bien dans les fichiers), au moins à usage personnel. Je travaille actuellement sur FR1.09 . - J'aimerais savoir quelle est la différence entre FR1.09 et FR1.09 (mod). - FR1.09 est-elle bien la traduction de l'édition originale ou bien est-elle déjà "teintée" pour certaines partie par XCE ? (ex: l'astuce sur le guide de démarrage en semble absente, en tous les cas pas à la même position dans le fichier). - Arnonymous pourra t-il assurer la maintenance une fois que j'en aurai terminé, et communiqué mes propositions (ou faudra t-il que je les poste à part) ?
  6. Except if magazines could be thrown at another soldier (or whatever cell at range). I'd rather have this feature implemented.
  7. As for me, I consistently get +2 TU, +1 STR (weight bar with red to be sure), +1 ACC (at least one shot), +1 RFL (at least one reaction fire), +1 BRV (at least one panic/hallucination/fleeing state, either induced through psionic attack, or natural demoralization, but alien control doesn't count). At first, I got some +1 TU on small maps for static soldiers (e.g. machine gun), then I used to make them running before/while the final assault. I believe I got once +2 BRV (not through promotion), but I'm not sure. For instance, 5 morale events are not enough to get +2 BRV, 7 kills (and more shooting) are not enough to get +2 ACC, etc. So yes, what's the threshold? Perhaps, I have to wait for über-soldiers, so that a handful of them could assault a carrier alone, thus getting more opportunities to shoot/reac fire/panic... But this is not really a concern, because, after 30 missions, having +30 instead of +60 on already decent (50-60) starting stats if fairly good.