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  1. Getting constant CTD when attempting to launch CTD and reload a save file during a cleaner ambush mission The attached files give me a CTD when launched from the load game menu on the main title screen or any other screen: output.log auto_groundcombat_turn_2_start-75.json auto_groundcombat_turn_1_start-74.json
  2. Alienkiller, Tried on the experimental branch, same issue, CTD upon research completion. I was running the main branch (no experimental or legacy version specified in Steam, just "none") when I encountered the problem in my save posted above. Unable to load that save, which I expected, in the legacy branch (v18.2 on Steam I think) so unable to test there.
  3. Been noticing this for a while so maybe not new to v22. Using grenadiers, if a grenade explodes where some of the black "fog-of-war" map obscuration is in the area of effect, get a freeze and CTD. can provide a log where you can try this out: auto_groundcombat_turn_2_start-181.json EDIT: Sorry everyone, included version and game state info but somehow forgot completely the title.
  4. Same issue, Alenium Torpedo research appears to be the cause. Save game attached (note, I managed to capture this save about 5 seconds before the in-game research completes and crash happens at 1x speed) user_day_169_manual_save-14.json
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