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  1. Ok, understood. Could you at least point me in the correct file (if there is any) to edit to lower trasnparency of the clipboard a bit?
  2. Guys a little feedback: I LOVE the new Main Menu Screen, but the option text in black is barely readable and i would also suggest you to reduce the transparency a bit. But just let the images speaks by themselves.
  3. Don't know. I suspect that this kind of problems show themselves more often with low specs configuration (like mine). This started to happen not at the beginning of 0.99, but a few patch/hotfix later, "probably" when i installed Grimple's mod. It rendered the game quite unplayable the game for me as soon as i hit the 0.99.3 branch and my campaign was in phase 3. I put my playing in statis till the updating of CE and i've done a clean installation/patching, not using any Sound mods, but haven't got time to start a new campaign, yet. I also experienced a "variant" of the GC savegame bug. I NEVER used quicksaves nor usually reload from autosave, but in my case the game didn't "freeze", it just get stuck on the loading screen with just a tiny bit of che loading bar from completion and GC music playing.
  4. Personally i have had this bug also with the old Grimple's Ambient Sound, so what Policenaut said makes totally sense. Anyway, i am talking oc CE+X-Division. I also noticed the problems with "suppression", the game often freezes when the bullet "touch" the enemy and his sound should be played. This happens a lot in overcrowded maps (Terror Mission) and, don't know if it's just a coincidence, but always happened with Sebs units.
  5. YaK

    Dumbest base location

    Cuba is ALWAYS my second base, where mi first one is always between southern italy/Northen Africa or Middle east. A really tough option is Australia. It's difficult but it pay up 'cause usually is one of the first continent you lose if you are not quick enough.
  6. I won't sound obtrusive, but just checked in the last CE Modpack, and the fix mentioned down there is not included (checked the md5), it would be a shame to not include it in the next stable release of CE.
  7. Damn, it seems that tonight isn't my lucky night! Another really bad bug: Terror mission, at a certain point, the game freezes as soon as one of my unit shot a Seb or in the Alien Turn when the Seb try to shot a Local Military. Savegame attacched. NOTBAD.sav
  8. Oh my. I need to do a bit of backtracking, then! So... I've build ALL my aircraft in my first main base if it's that you're saying; This happens for sure with Foxtrots, but also with Lancers (like in this case, where there one lancer and two heavy fighters if i remember correctly); This happens also for squads that have 2 Foxtrots/Lancers and another aircraft; Not in this case, but it's happened also from secondary bases (in that case i remember that was a Squadron based on 2 Foxtrots and an alien fighter. I noticed that often, when this happens, there an UFO somewhere that's not moving (in this case the Terror Ship near Cuba.
  9. Now and then i experience a strange bug, don't know if it's vanilla, CE or X-Division related. Finally, i could isolate it in a savegame file. On Geoscape, in certain obscure circumstance, if i click a Squadron that's flying somewhere, the game suddendly crashed. I'll attack the culprit savegame (just after i finally sussesfully raid a Missile Corvette ) Missile Corvette.sav
  10. @sfarrelly How could i fix the Missile Corvette Datacore bug? Would you mind explain me what i need to edit, please?
  11. It seems that Skitso's Ultimate Megamix Map Pack 2000 comprised in CE 0.34.1 lacks the "Stair Patch" found here: It could be the right moment to include it in CE 0.34.2
  12. I have three questions: After my first succesfull Crashedsite in what i thought was phase III, i get a new label in the Manufacture screen with phase IV weapons DSB. The same thing happened before. I had Phase III while playing what i believe was phase II. Is this normal? Exactly WHEN the various phases starts? Right now i am fighting "Hunters", "Cruisers" and so son. Am i in P3 or P4? During tactical combat i always try to use everything i can. I generally pick up Local Forces weapons (when they die) and use them when i am scarce with ammo and, generally speaking, bring them back to base and give them to "Rookie" troops in secondary bases. Until now they had MK1 Ballistic/Laser weapons. At the beginning of this new phase they have different projectiles, so i assumed the use new weapon level, but when i inspect their dead boides, they carry nothing. What's happening? Aircraft hardpoint don't work like intended, right? Lancer have just 1 slot when it should have 2 and Sonda hase two instead of 4.
  13. I don't know! Usually also Outposts/Bases was really harsh, but this time it was a piece of cake! Two Praetorians and the didn't brutalize me! How Strange!
  14. Just finished an Alien Fortress attack mission, at the beginning of phase 3 (it was in the transition). I succesfully finished it without any casualty, but just because Alpha Reapers didn't zombify my units. It seem that every time they are in line of sight, they stop the turn near my units but don't zombify them. It happened just one time, when they crawl behind me without being seen. Maybe they feel empathy and when look in my terrorized eyes they don't have the earth to zombify me? Who knows. And it's pretty lucky, cause it seems that the AI now tend to hide very well in every fucking corner (it's happened a lot that Sebillian seems to spawn behind me from nowhere).
  15. UPDATE: In the zip you'll find "Bug" save, that was saved just before posting my precedent comment here on the forum, as i noticed the bugs. The strange thing is that today i reloaded it and the cyberdisk was still stuck, but targettable (and it killed my man that prior was "safely" positioned under its belly :D) and "Autosave2", that is the autosave at the beginning of the same battle, that could be helpful to see how the AI acts and if it's behaviour it's reproducible. As a side note, in my first attempt i positioned ALL my tropps inside the command room. To summarize, i experienced three strange behaviours: Cyberdisk blocked in the breaching point PLUS unable to actually hit him or being hitted by him, at leas in my first attempt. AI killed himself shooting with explosive (and/or toxic) weapons at my furniture in short range. You could just notice the three Xenomorphs near my command room (i killed them, yay!), the two Caesan just outside (killed them too) and the "area of effect" of the explosion of one of the Cyberdisk, just outside my command room. Al the other ones committed assisted suicide, i was able to actually see a wraith shooting itsels to death against a desktop. My defender is blocked in the command room. I was "Ironic". I haven't had time to explore yet the beginning of phase 3. Anyway i would have liked a couple of waves more, just to have the possibility of researching something new and/or have time to build a little more things. I am not really complaining, just don't like to be cut off some updrades at the end of every phase, i assume to impossibility of getting some interrogations. Don't like a lot this approach, since RNG make things really out of your controll, i really tried to stun everything (as a side note, it's REALLY difficult to stun Harridan's, since they tend to always float and crash to the terrain when stunned. It was easier to stun reaper's :/) but just haven't had the opportunity to SEE every unit alive in a crashsite/landed ufo. savegames-base attacked.zip